2019 Youth Mission Project

Everyone likes a combo meal right? Well our summer mission project just got supersized! What makes it unique will be that it will be a nine day trip with two Christ-centered, life-changing experiences.

ark experienceFirst, our group will be visiting the world famous Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY (halfway between Cincinnati and Lexington). Using the dimensions set out in the Bible, Answers in Genesis created a full size replica of Noah's Ark that is the largest timber frame structure in the world. It’s as long as 1 ½ football fields, and massive enough to hold 483 semi-trailers! Filled with state of the art exhibits, meticulous craftsmanship, and remarkable teaching, it takes most guests 4 to 6 hours to walk through. The Ark Encounter just recently opened to the public in July, 2016. This will give us a sturdy foundation of tangible evidence of God's activity with mankind as recorded in the Bible. In a world where students are taught that Christianity and science don’t agree, this experience will definitely give our students credible evidence to share with their teachers and classmates.

mission_serve_2019_2Second, our youth ministry will be partnering with Mission Serve as we serve in the communities in Charleston, WV. We, along with several other youth ministries from around the USA, will be partnering in a week of evangelism, service, and worship. Our youth and adults will combine with the other churches and split into groups of about 15 participants each. From Monday – Friday each group will be working 8 hour days doing home repair (painting, roofing, wheelchair ramps, etc) and sharing the gospel at every opportune moment. Each evening our youth group will reunite for dinner, a worship service, and a church group debriefing. Mission projects present all the right ingredients to give students an unforgettable personal experience with God that grounds them in their faith despite all other inconsistent changes in their life.

Our 2019 Summer Mission Project is surely going to be one to remember! This year’s theme is Daring and we will be reassured to have courage, for our Lord God is with us. All Wake Chapel youth who have completed grades 6 and up, college students, and adults are invited to participate. Whether your skill set is in basic construction, encouragement, driving, leadership, communication, caution or spontaneity, there is a need for you on our team.

Date: July 12-20, 2019

Cost: $350/person; $50 deposit due on or before January 27

How to register: Submit $50 deposit to “Wake Chapel” with “Participant Name: Mission Project” in the memo line.