"War on Terror" Memorial - Remembering Our Lost

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Holly Springs Veterans Park "War on Terror" Memorial
Remembering Those We Lost

DavidDavid Griffith is a member of Wake Chapel Christian Church. He is also a member of Boy Scout Troup 320 working to become an Eagle Scout. His project, to build a memorial to those who have lost their lives in the “War on Terror”.

438-view1David said, “This memorial project started out as a Boy Scouts of America Eagle Project. A memorial dedicated to my brother [Maj. Samuel Griffith, USMC Res.] who died in Afghanistan on December 14, 2011. Since its inception, it has grown into a “War on Terror” memorial remembering all those who have lost their lives for our country in Afghanistan, Iraq, & here at home on September 11, 2001. A memorial that could be situated in a common area for all to show their children, to touch a piece of World Trade Center steel, and feel what many Americans felt that sunny morning when we lost not only real estate, but innocent lives just doing their jobs. A memorial that could help us remember the military people who search out the evil and attempt to protect us here at home.”Memorial

David has all the approvals he needs to begin groundbreaking. He’ll begin by building the foundation for the memorial, which is to be a 10x10 pentagon of bricks with a central marble pentagon that rises above the foundation, displaying a piece of steel from the core beam of the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

The eight-inch cube of steel was donated to David last November by the owner of D.H. Griffin Construction, the company tasked with removing the World Trade Center pile of rubble. David met the company’s owner, David Griffin, after reading about the Town of Apex’s September 11 memorial in The Apex Herald.

“When the memorial is all set and down, kids 438-view2who may not have been around when 9-11 happened can come and think about what happened,” David said. “People who were around … can look back on what happened and pay their respects.”

Constructing the foundation for the memorial is, in itself, David’s Eagle Scout project, but the marble pentagon portion of the memorial is Griffith’s personal project and is expected to cost $25,000-$30,000.

 David with his brother Sam in 2011

To pay for the memorial, David is selling bricks to individuals and businesses. Each $50 brick can be personalized and will be built into the patio leading up to the marble pentagon. He hopes to finish the project by this fall and hold a dedication ceremony in spring 2014.

We encourage you  to support this project in whatever way you are able.

To purchase a personalized brick, visit David’s website at
http://thatsmybrick.com/eaglescoutdg.  Monetary donations of any amount can be made through PayPal to dgwaronterrormemorial@gmail.com or by mail at DG War on Terror Memorial, P.O. Box 408, Holly Springs, NC, 27540.


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