Meet Dr. Dan Peters - Interim Pastor

August 6, 2017 | 0 comments

Dan_PetersThe Pastoral Search Committee is pleased to introduce Dr. Daniel M. Peters and his wife, Diane.  Pastor Dan will serve as Wake Chapel’s interim pastor until we determine who God has called to be our new full-time Senior Pastor.  The Peters will officially join us here at Wake Chapel on Sunday October 1, 2017.

Dan Peters grew up in a parsonage with a faithful mom and dad who pastored for 40 years and did missions work in Haiti for many more. They led him to the Lord at an early age.

Dan and Diane have survived more than 40 years in pastoral ministry together, raising six children, spoiling nine grandchildren, the loss of a child, a church split, personal revivals and God’s grace in it all. They have served churches in Maryland and Pennsylvania. He enjoys living his life with his lovely wife, Diane, doing yard work, reading, riding motorcycles, escorting people to the Holy Lands and visiting Mission fields. He loves to preach, witness and train men in Christian living. He loves the gospel, theology and meeting new people.


Conversion Story

I was raised in a pastor’s home.  My father was a Baptist preaching in Maine, New York, New Jersey and Maryland.  At a very young age I became convinced that I was a guilty sinner and knew I would go to Hell which I deserved.  My parents wanted me to pray with them at the dinner table after family devotions but I wanted to get saved like I had seen others at church, so that Sunday night when my dad gave the invitation I went forward.  My mother was my counselor and God saved me that night.  He gave me great joy and motivation to lead my friends to faith in Christ.  I was baptized by immersion when I was twelve by my father.   During High School I led a Youth for Christ club with my public school classmates in my home and drove teens to Youth Rallies.  At age 16 I yielded my life for full-time service for the Lord.  I began preaching in nursing homes and rescue missions.  I led my church youth group.  I served after graduating from high school as an assistant to a nearby mission church pastor.  While in Bible College I preached and sang and played my trumpet in various churches.  I led a children’s Bible Club in North Philadelphia.  The lady who became my wife and I led a mission church in Philadelphia and then married after my Junior year of college. 

Diane and I met during my first year in college.  She was saved out of a Roman Catholic background as a teenager.  We married in 1971 at Selden Bible Church on Long Island, NY.  Diane taught in a private elementary school while I finished college and seminary.  We have served the Lord together for almost 50 years.  We are a team.    

Call to Ministry

It was at the age of 16 that I sensed the call of God on my life for the Christian ministry.  But I did not want to be a pastor.  I had observed some of the difficulties of the pastoral ministry by growing up in a parsonage.  I thought I could serve the Lord with my evangelistic preaching and music ministries.  But the Lord used a little children’s Bible club in North Philadelphia to show me that true ministry for me was “truth through relationships”.  So when a new storefront missions church pastorate opened up during my Junior year of college, I took the challenge.  I was ordained two years later to the gospel ministry.

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