Our Fellowship Hall renovation is now complete!

July 14, 2020 | 0 comments

First, we trust that you and yours are well.

Next … we miss seeing you at church! We have necessarily changed our gathering practices during COVID-19. But make no mistake, while we cannot meet, God is working mightily and accomplishing his purposes. Pastor Isaac reminds us of that each week. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. 

Fllshp Hall1

While many plans and practices have been drastically modified or shelved, others have progressed. We are most thankful to God for one task that he has seen fit to move forward during this time - the updating of the Fellowship Hall. At the November 2019 Business Meeting, you, the congregation, approved a budget to update and improve the Fellowship Hall to seat 65 for worship service overflow. We have been blessed to redeem the time while the space is unused and enlist the help of contractors - who have been included in the list of essential businesses. As a result, the Committee, with the invaluable assistance of many other members, has been able to complete this charge from the congregation. We are excited to report that, except for a few minor punch list items, the work has been completed!

Fllshp Hall2

We have met the primary goal of overflow seating, audio / video component upgrades and HVAC replacement. As in the past, the Fellowship Hall can be configured as needed to efficiently serve multi-functional and multi-generational purposes. In order to have 65 seats, aisle and perimeter space is now extremely limited. To safely provide ingress and egress, we will need to minimize any other items in the room. The Committee has a group working to provide decoration items that will fit this need. 
Here is a list of the work accomplished and a few photos to show the progress. We pray you get to see it in person soon!

Upgraded all video and audio components to be compatible with existing systems and expandable to new ones.

  • Added a drop ceiling and new lighting.
  • Added a partition wall.
  • Provided new accommodations for the choir.
  • Replaced the HVAC system (it is MUCH quieter now!)
  • Painted the room.
  • Cleaned the carpet and chairs.
  • And a lot more …

 Fllshp Hall3

Thank you for the privilege to serve with you at Wake Chapel.
To God be the glory!
The Growth & Planning Committee
(Tim Althaus, Scott Daniel, Justin Hutton, Gina Puckett, Jennifer Stephenson, Malcolm Stout, Mark Acuff)

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