Reflections about Upward 2016

March 6, 2016 | by: Seth Carter | 0 comments

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Were You One of These?

9 Gym Administrators 100 Prayer Warriors


64 Halftime Speeches

 scorersa 18 Scorekeepers
 concessionairea  coach_A 53 Basketball Coaches
40 Concessions Workersconcessionaireb2



23 Refereesreferee5

  9 Cheerleading Coaches

cheerIf so, you helped to make an eternal impact on the families of either 48 cheerleaders or 249 basketball players!

playersThose players come from many cities around our area. While our Upward Sports League is not for church goers only, we do ask where our participants attend church. Ninety-eight players did not specify what church (if any) they attended. The rest come from fifty-one different churches. Only 5% of our league attends Wake Chapel.

That’s pretty significant to me as I think about the potential effectiveness of Wake Chapel hosting an Upward Sports ministry. And I can tell you from the viewpoint of a coach, referee, parent, and director that we are capitalizing on that potential. It makes me feel secure knowing that all our head coaches are Christian men and women who love the Lord Jesus Christ and deeply care about making a lasting impression on their players. When we have former Upward players now serving as coaches, referees, and scorekeepers in our program like we have had this year, it speaks volumes about the enjoyment and satisfaction the children get out of it. And it makes it all worth it when we I saw countless hands raised of people who decided that they needed to follow Christ at our Awards Celebration this past Friday where we presented the gospel to all in attendance! It was encouraging to me when we had so many people wanting resources to grow in their new faith that we ran out of Bibles to give away at our resource table.

So to all of the 318 volunteers listed above, thank you for your support. It has truly been a team effort. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true: “We couldn’t have done it without you!” Let’s keep this ministry alive in our community year after year.

Seth Carter

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