Wednesday Evening Update 4/29

April 29, 2020 | by: Isaac Mooneyham | 0 comments

UPDATE: While the restrictions of social distancing persist, we will continue to meet virtually on Sundays via livestream and Wednesday evenings via Zoom.  For this reason, and until we can meet again in person, we will be delivering your "Its Thursday, but Sunday is Coming" one day earlier.  Each week, on Wednesday morning, we will deliver both our prayer sheet (with updated requests and praises from the previous week) and our upcoming Wednesday evening Bible study's  Zoom invite information.

This Wednesday evening we will study the parable of the unjust judge.  If you would like to read ahead you'll find it in Luke 18:1-8. Also, further reading in James 1:27 and Matthew 5:10-12.


Praise God for …

  • First Wake Chapel virtual prayer meeting/Bible study (100+ attendees)
  • Strong attendance in virtual Sunday school classes and worship services
  • Technology like Zoom Video Communications
  • Memorable graveside service for Carolyn Hobbs 
  • Mark Acuff’s sister Jama, a prison warden in Maryland, where there is no coronavirus outbreak yet
  • Praise for the arrival of Sarah & David Gambo’s daughter, Carl & Glenda Falco’s granddaughter

 Pray for …

  • Doctors and nurses
  • Spouses of healthcare workers who are working from home and caring for young children
  • Residents and workers at nursing homes and retirement communities 
  • Prison administration and inmates
  • Wisdom for government officials and for our country to seek God’s will
  • High school & college seniors who are missing out on once-in-a-lifetime events 
  • Law enforcement officers 
  • Pray for those suffering from COVID-19 and for a vaccine to be developed soon
  • Teachers, students and parents adjusting to online education
  • People being convicted by the Holy Spirit to seek out church fellowship
  • People to take advantage of this time to grow closer to the Lord
  • Boldness of believers in presenting the gospel to unsaved people seeking comfort and understanding
  • Our church family to remain healthy 
  • For our shut-ins or those hesitant to get out of their homes
  • Bruce Gunter’s recovery from multiple surgeries (now in rehab) 
  • Abby Guy’s friend, David and his children (wife dying & in hospice care) 
  • Abby Guy’s friend, Bill, who is in Cardiac ICU at Duke
  • Families of 100+ people who lost jobs at Kateleigh Hobbs’ company
  • Bev McDougall’s brother, Hal, diagnosed with bladder cancer
  • Tina Peavy (James Peavy’s mother) struggling with side effects of chemotherapy treatments 
  • Jeannette Ferrell’s friend Lloyd, struggling with cancer, and his wife, Ann
  • Craig Deal’s childhood friend Debbie Everett – bladder cancer treatment
  • Carolyn Hobbs’ family 
  • Family of David Brown’s aunt Judy, who passed away this week 

Sunday's SermonThey Still Did Not Believe in Him - John 12:37-43

Continued Prayer List
Julie Anderson (Chet & Faye Hair’s daughter), Magdalene Hairr (Melissa Baker’s mother), Eddie Brown (David Brown’s brother), Rob Byron (Malcolm Byron’s dad), Emma Coleman (Tom & Glenda Lowell’s great granddaughter), Teresa Cusatis (Anna Johnson Cusatis’ mother-in- law), Bruce Gunter III, Family of Carolyn Hobbs, Alyssa Jackson (Thelma Law’s niece), Ron Lawing (our computer specialist), Tracy & Mary Ree McLaurin, Marilyn McLean, Tina Peavy (James Peavy’s mother), Joyce Smith, Roger Sprinkle, Gordon Stephenson, Rhonda Stewart (Miles & Debra Satterfield’s friend), Bobbie Thomas (Sandra Thomas’ mother), Marsha Tucker.

If you have not received an email with the link to join the Wednesday Evening Zoom prayer meeting please call the church office.

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