Wednesday Evening Update - July 8, 2020

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This evening we will study the parable of The Ten Talents. If you would like to read ahead you'll find this parable in Matthew 25:14-30.

This coming Sunday's message: 
God Relented of the Disaster - Jonah 3 

Praise for …

  • David B’s sister’s pathology report indicated the growth that was removed was benign.
  • The youth had a successful time serving at Siloam missionary homes last week.
  • Thankful for technology to allow us to meet via zoom and other means.
  • David McCreary had a great report from the doctor.
  • Jason Yardley is hanging in there, gradually healing from surgery last week.

Pray for…

  • Pray for the homeless.
  • Pray for several church members who are currently unemployed and are seeking new jobs.
  • Pray for the support and protection of those in law enforcement.
  • Herb Dasher - loss of his grandson.
  • Glyn Cashwell - in Skilled Nursing hall at Windsor Point. He has had 2 Covid tests. 1st negative, waiting on 2nd Covid test.
  • James and Lauren Peavy - James’ mom, Tina, is still in her second round of chemo. Her white blood cell counts have to stay within a certain range for her to continue the treatment.
  • Gordon Stephenson - Thankful for good scans and good blood work. Prayer request for this constant chronic peripheral neuropathy pain relief in my hands, fingers, arms, knees, and feet. These nerve heat sensations in my hands.
  • Mark Acuff - prayer for the family of his aunt Blanche Crowson who passed last week at the young age of 97. She was a confident believer.
  • Gayle Acuff - prayer for the family of her brother-in-law, Lt. Col. David Hammond, who passed yesterday.  

Continued Prayer List:

Julie Anderson (Chet & Faye Hair’s daughter), Magdalene Hairr (Melissa Baker’s mother), Rob Byron (Malcolm Byron’s dad), Emma Coleman (Tom & Glenda Lowell’s great granddaughter), Bruce Gunter III, Ron Lawing (our computer specialist), Tracy & Mary Ree McLaurin, Marilyn McLean, Tina Peavy (James Peavy’s mother), Leslie Phipps, Jimmy Qualls, Joyce Smith, Gordon Stephenson, Rhonda Stewart (Miles & Debra Satterfield’s friend), Marsha Tucker, Jason Yardley.

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