Wednesday Evening Update - May 20, 2020

May 20, 2020 | by: Isaac Mooneyham | 0 comments

This evening we will study the parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl of Great Price.  If you would like to read ahead you'll find these parables in Matthew 13:44-46


This coming Sunday's Sermon

But the LORD Hurled a Great Wind Upon the Sea  - Jonah 1:3-6 


  • God’s grace, mercy and love
  • Wonderful attendance for Wednesday night and Sunday morning virtual gatherings
  • Encouragers
  • God’s continued provision during the pandemic
  • Students finishing school for the season

Pray for…

  • Family of Glenda Lowell’s sister, who passed away
  • Sara Tew - severe back pain 
  • Sarah Husky – Craig & Robin Deal’s daughter, expecting second child any day now
  • James Peavy’s mother – completed first round of chemotherapy (will resume treatment in four weeks)
  • Sam Brumbeloe – Bob’s 30-year-old nephew in intensive care with diabetes and possible depression
  • Abby Guy’s friend Bill – at Duke hospital for last seven weeks with a long recovery ahead 
  • Silvio – owner of J&S Pizza in Fuquay, diagnosed with cancer
  • Bev McDougal’s brother Hal – bladder cancer and facing difficult treatment decisions 
  • Debbie Everett – friend of Craig & Robin Deal who will have bladder cancer surgery the third week of May 
  • Lloyd Dillon – friend of Jeannette Ferrell facing chemo and radiation treatment
  • Jimmy Qualls
  • John Babson – friend of Ramon Tristani
  • Carolyn Faucette – Maurice Weaver’s sister 
  • Unspoken Request
  • Patty Althaus' cousin Clarissa - in clinical trial for cancer 

Continued Prayer List:

Julie Anderson (Chet & Faye Hair’s daughter), Magdalene Hairr (Melissa Baker’s mother), Eddie Brown (David Brown’s brother), Rob Byron (Malcolm Byron’s dad), Emma Coleman (Tom & Glenda Lowell’s great granddaughter), Teresa Cusatis (Anna Johnson Cusatis’ mother-in- law), Bruce Gunter III, Family of Carolyn Hobbs, Alyssa Jackson (Thelma Law’s niece), Ron Lawing (our computer specialist), Tracy & Mary Ree McLaurin, Marilyn McLean, Tina Peavy (James Peavy’s mother), Jimmy Qualls, Joyce Smith, Roger Sprinkle, Gordon Stephenson, Rhonda Stewart (Miles & Debra Satterfield’s friend), Sara Tew, Bobbie Thomas (Sandra Thomas’ mother), Marsha Tucker.

Join Zoom Meeting

Please contact the church office if you do not have the link to join the Zoom Wednesday night prayer meeting.

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