Wednesday Evening Update - June 3, 2020

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This evening we will study the parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector.  If you would like to read ahead you'll find this parable in Luke 18:9-14.

This coming Sunday's message: Boasting vs. Humility - Jeremiah 9:23-24; Micah 6:8; 1 Thessalonians 1:3-8

Pray for … 

  • Libby Crumpton - broken arm
  • Trudy Hays - procedure this Thursday
  • Michael Zinn's son David has contracted COVID-19
  • Greg Whitehurst - loss of his brother
  • John Baines - recent mini-strokes
  • John Babson -  friend of Ramon Tristani 
  • Gordon Stephenson – relief from neuropathy pain; hoping for good results from biopsy; pray for Barbara as well
  • Sara Tew – struggling with back spasms and a kidney stone
  • Sam Brumbeloe – Bob Brumbeloe’s nephew, who is recovering at home but is still weak; counseling is scheduled
  • Roger Sprinkle – scheduled for a nerve block to alleviate pain on May 28
  • Lloyd Dillon – friend of Jeannette Ferrell recovering at home after a second round of treatments; pray also for Ann, his wife
  • Bill – friend of Abby Guy who remains at Duke hospital and is struggling with panic attacks and breathing issues
  • Raymond Adams – Kathy Pierce’s father, who is in the final stages of prostate cancer
  • Bev McDougal’s son, Todd – He has a compromised immune system due to loss of spleen and past cancer treatment; pray also for protection from COVID-19 
  • Debbie Everett – friend of Craig & Robin Deal recovering from surgery; pray for God to cure her from cancer
  • Angela Parrish – recovering from a recent accident
  • Patty Althaus’s cousin Clarissa – in clinical trial for cancer 
  • Denise Cashwell - pray for my Dad and Stepmother Carl & Ellie, who are currently living apart due to medical issues; pray for Ellie to return home soon

Continued Prayer List:

Julie Anderson (Chet & Faye Hair’s daughter), Magdalene Hairr (Melissa Baker’s mother), Eddie Brown (David Brown’s brother), Rob Byron (Malcolm Byron’s dad), Emma Coleman (Tom & Glenda Lowell’s great granddaughter), Teresa Cusatis (Anna Johnson Cusatis’ mother-in- law), Bruce Gunter III, Family of Carolyn Hobbs, Alyssa Jackson (Thelma Law’s niece), Ron Lawing (our computer specialist), Tracy & Mary Ree McLaurin, Marilyn McLean, Tina Peavy (James Peavy’s mother), Jimmy Qualls, Joyce Smith, Roger Sprinkle, Gordon Stephenson, Rhonda Stewart (Miles & Debra Satterfield’s friend), Sara Tew, Bobbie Thomas (Sandra Thomas’ mother), Marsha Tucker.

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