Wednesday Evening Update - September 9, 2020

September 9, 2020 | by: Isaac Mooneyham | 0 comments

This evening we will study "Lead Us Not Into Temptation" from the Lord's Prayer in Matthew chapter 6.

This coming Sunday's message: The Way the Truth and the Life - John 14:1-14

Praise for …

  • Larry Wilkins – released from hospital following heart attack; now recovering at home
  • Alyssa Svalina – back in her dorm after a two-week quarantine at Appalachian State
  • Wanda Reardon (Jennifer Adcock’s mom) – doing well following sickness
  • Debbi Mooneyham (Isaac’s mom) – good report from her day at Duke
  • David Mooneyham – in hospital recovering from appendectomy

Pray for …

  • Haven Woodard – continued exploration of treatment options
  • Eddie Brown (David’s brother) – discouraging report from eye doctor
  • Orlean Newton’s neighbor Dave M.
  • Wife and family of Abby Guy’s friend Bill, who passed away 
  • Tutor family mourning the loss of Marty Tutor
  • Chris Prince – Northwest Harnett County fire chief struggling with COVID-19
  • Len & Libbie Farias – pending sale of home and upcoming move 
  • Gordon Stephenson – upcoming appointment with doctor

Continued Prayer List:

Rob Byron (Malcolm Byron’s dad), Emma Coleman (Tom & Glenda Lowell’s great granddaughter), Tracy & Mary Ree McLaurin, Marilyn McLean, Tina Peavy (James Peavy’s mother), Jimmy Qualls, Joyce Smith, Gordon Stephenson, Rhonda Stewart (Miles & Debra Satterfield’s friend), Marsha Tucker, Haven Woodard.

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