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Extravagant Worship - August 2022

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Dr. Dustin W. Benge has this to say of the passage above, “[Mary] doesn’t sprinkle a few drops of perfume on His feet but does the unthinkable. She breaks open the bottle and pours its contents on His head and feet…” Mary’s worship of her Lord was not nominal or measured. It was not just some of the ointment, it was all—she gave all that she had. Her life had been forever changed by Jesus, and she saw Him as worthy of all she could give....Keep Reading

Be Strong, Courageous, and Obey - June 2022

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Fear. Such a small word. Such an enormous emotion. Like a constant hum in the backdrop of our day. Filling up the empty spaces of our minds at night. Fear that we are not enough—for our spouses, our children, our friends. Fear of failing at the task at hand, and fear of making shipwreck of all that has been given to us. Fear of death—the death of a loved one, the death of a dream. What do we do with these fears? Joshua, too, must have faced mammoth-sized fears. Moses was gone. He now found himself responsible for the well-being of a nation—a nation of fast complainers and slow learners. And on the edge of the Promised Land, it was up to him to get them all inside. Or was it?...Keep Reading

Am I Willing? - April 2022

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In her book, Living Sacrifice: Willing to be Whittled as an Arrow, medical missionary, Dr. Helen Roseveare tells a simple and profound story of sacrifice. A particular species of weaver birds had invaded her small African village of Nebobongo, destroying precious palm leaves essential to produce much needed oil—oil that was used in the daily diet and industry of the village. In answer to this problem, a bargain was struck with the children of the school and orphanage. A penny would be paid for every bird that was killed. Oh how the enlisted began their mission with great fervor! From every place in the village, low lying branches were wrenched off and fashioned into arrows. The brightly flowered acacia trees bore the brunt of the cost. Though beautiful to look at, they had no practical function; they were sacrificed for the sake of protecting the beneficial palm oil. ...Keep Reading

God Grant Us Boldness, December, 2021

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Listening to her speak, it became obvious that she didn’t see it. She spoke of religion and church attendance and faith as if they were an amiable accessory to someone’s already put together life. In the same way that someone might add community service projects to a resume, she could add on church attendance or some vague sense of right and wrong to the building of her family. There was no desperation, no searching for answers—she didn’t want help. She didn’t need it. But I knew different. I knew she did....Keep Reading

Lessons From a Garden, February, 2022

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There is something about a garden that is miraculous to me. I wish I had a knack for growing things, but admittedly a green thumb of seems to have skipped this generation of my family tree. Yet the older I become, the more appreciation I have for the beauty of cultivated land. As an artist paints his canvas or a musician tunes his instrument, so a gardener intentionally, patiently, nurtures the ground. He fights daily against chaos that would overtake the order of his trained growth, making straight its path to the light that feeds it. He does so with the hope that the seed he sows in the darkness of the soil will live and grow in beauty and usefulness....Keep Reading

Contending for the Faith

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It was competition day. I had practiced and prepared, I was proudly wearing my uniform, and my parents along with those of my teammates were cheering for us in the stands. This was it—the moment had arrived. Competition tug-of-war seems somewhat comical now, but to ten-year-old me it was a very big deal. I lowered myself into position. Our coaches had taught us to stay low, pull slow and steady, and hold our ground. But as my partner and I watched the opposing teams take their places at the rope, our courage began to falter. We were out of our league, to say the least!...Keep Reading

What is Your Name? - September, 2021

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One of my greatest pleasures in all the world is reading to my children. I dreamed of it often during the long months of waiting, and as soon as our Olivia arrived, I began with a passion. Before she could speak, she was listening. Strapped in the swing or bouncy seat, with nowhere to go, I would read story after story. As our family grew, we would all pile into the bed at night and explore a world of adventures together. Whether we fought side by side with the Pevensies for the glory of Aslan and the protection of Narnia, got lost in the big city at Christmas with a mischievous little monkey, or followed the yellow brick road with Dorothy and her companions—we ...Keep Reading

Worth It All - July, 2021

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My aunt and I recently took my children on a hiking adventure to a place she had taken me when I was young. Though my kids were being great sports, I could tell they were a bit skeptical. After all, they had been dragged out of bed very early on a summer morning, made to shovel in their breakfast, crammed in a car, and driven an hour down the road. Why? To walk. A lot. Up a mountain. But my aunt and I knew something that they didn’t. We knew what was at the top. ...Keep Reading

Our Sins Are Many; His Mercies Are More

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John Newton said toward the end of his life, “Although my memory is fading, I remember two things very clearly: I am a great sinner and Christ is a great Savior.” In Ephesians chapter 2 we see these two glorious truths arrayed side by side. Paul begins by making clear to all man’s true condition apart from Christ: ...Keep Reading

If only... - April, 2021

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I sat silently by in my small place on the bleachers and listened. At first, I will admit, I was amused, but after a few minutes, my heart grew sad. Two couples stood nearby, chatting away, each one doing their best to sound more successful, appear more accomplished, and give the impression of being more put-together than the other. In truth...Keep Reading