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I Have Always Been Here - May 2020

Posted onMay 5, 2020 | by: Corrie Mooneyham | 0 comments

I write this from my own little spot of isolation in the world…it’s been five weeks since we first became aware that our lives for the foreseeable future would be altered. My own life did not change as much as others perhaps, as my own little brood and I have continued on with a regular routine. Every morning brings a fresh new day of homeschool, followed by house chores, regular Lysol wipe downs, and the refereeing of children to their separate corners of the house when necessary. Next day…wake up…rinse and repeat. I will say, however, that one small but very treasured blessing of our new found slower pace of life is that I have much more opportunity to read for no other reason than pure enjoyment. Something I dearly love and quite frankly have missed as my responsibilities have increased with the ages and stages of my children....Keep Reading