E.S.P.N. Team


ESPN 2016

At our annual ESPN Team Huddle in 2016, everyone was split into groups and had to decorate cakes with random supplies, ingredients, and utensils.  

In James 5 we are told that whether we are going through times of suffering or times of cheer we are to faithfully pray for one another, and praise God together. In Hebrews 10 we read, "And let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking our own assembling together..." These instructions are vital in the fellowship and growth of a group of believers.

The E.S.P.N. Team started at Wake Chapel Church near the beginning of 2004 and was entitled "Prayer Partners." We later changed the name to "E.S.P.N. Team," which stands for Everyone Should Pray Now. Essentially, E.S.P.N. team members are willing youth and adults within our church who are paired up to pray for each other. There is no set schedule we have made for the team members to meet with one another. Rather, it is an ongoing relationship that is kept active by the youth and adult that will last until the youth graduates high school. Youth and adults are encouraged to seek their team member out, give them encouragement, and develop a connection with one another so that each person can feel safe and welcome if they need prayer, advice, or anything.

We all need prayer, and we all need someone we can trust and turn to for help. Youth may have questions about certain issues, problems in school, or may need guidance from someone with more experience. Adults can learn a lot from youth as well, and the youth can be a great encouragement to adults. Youth and adults alike can surely benefit from a relationship with one another. To keep these two generations independent from one another would be a mistake.

So if you are an E.S.P.N. Team Member, say hello to your partner at church, go see them at a concert or sporting event, write them a birthday card, give them a gift, ask if there is anything they need, find out what's happening in their life, and always remember to pray for them. Your partner needs you. Finally, with the growth of the youth group comes the need for extra prayer partners. If you would like to be a prayer partner, please contact Seth Carter at the church.