E.S.P.N. Team Huddle

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Hello E.S.P.N. Team!

 I’m excited about this year’s E.S.P.N. Team Huddle!  We’re going to be splitting up this year.  Half of you will be going to Crazy Glaze at 5:00pm (in Roses shopping center).  You will be doing this if you and your prayer partner have not yet made a tile for the E.S.P.N. Team Hall of Fame.

Every few years, we take reserve a day for prayer partners to meet at Crazy Glaze to decorate an 8” tile that will hang in our E.S.P.N. Team Hall of Fame in the FLC.  This tile will permanently hang in the church.  You and your partner will sit together at Crazy glaze, enjoy Little Caesar’s pizza, brainstorm ideas, and then finally design the tile to represent the both of you.  It must have both of your names on it, but other than that, you can let your creativity run wild.  May I suggest using a Bible verse that you both like, cool geometric designs, images that represent your favorite things, places, colors, etc.  For example, if you both like the beach then paint a beach scene with song lyrics from the popular song Oceans, by Hillsong United, “I will call upon Your name, and keep my eyes above the waves.”  Or if you both like Philippians 4:13, you can design a tile of a hiker trekking across hills and valleys which represents how Christ gives you strength through the peaks and valleys of life. 

For those who have already made a tile, you’re in for a treat.  Literally!  We’ll be having pizza, salad, and dessert at the FLC starting at 5:30pm.  There, we will also have some fun get to know you activities, competitions and prizes. 

Crazy Glaze *If partners are unable to come on August 13, then they should pick a date to go any time before then.  Just show up and say you’re with Wake Chapel and they’ll have a tile ready for you. 

5:00pm                              Meet your partner at Crazy Glaze.  Make rough sketch of your tile.

5:30pm                             Little Caesar’s pizza delivered to Crazy Glaze.

5:45pm                             Start on tile. 

7:00pm                             Finish before 7:00 pm.  Parents pick up youth at Crazy Glaze.

Dinner at FLC

5:30pm                             Meet at FLC.  Seth will lead this event. 

7:00pm                             Finish before 7:00 pm.  Parents pick up youth.




Seth Carter

Guest List

Bold means they’re coming.  Strikethrough means they can’t come. 


Crazy Glaze

FLC Dinner





Garrett Arnold

Buddy Walters

Caleb Bone

Edwin Holleman

Ryan Bartels

Martin Colson

Colby Daniel

Hannah Johnson

Anna Grace Best

Crystal Hutton

Madison Holleman

Patty Althaus

Austin Taylor

Justin Hutton

David Michael Keith

Joey Best

Nathan Yardley

Joe Fort

Ella Pierce

Debra Stephenson

McKenna Hutton

Jenny McCreary

Parker Pierce

Andy Johnson

Sam Wilkins

Drew Cook

Tyler Senter

Phil Stephenson

Tommy Williams

Chad Moose

Alexis Thomas

Michelle Yardley

Lauren Moore

Glenda Cotten

Erin Stone

Tracey Moose

Landon Moose

Charlie Nobles

Emma Stout

Faye Johnson

Maggie Bartels

Leanne Walters

Maddison Taylor

Peggy Phipps

Grey Best

Kemp Johnson

Maggie Wilkins

Kathy Arnold

Joy McCreary

Kim Brown

Will Daniel

Ray Martin

McKayla Moore

Susan Ortiz

Catherine Keith

Linda Stone

Alyssa Svalina

Myra Greene

Noah McCreary

Matt Dickens

Lucas Wiltsey

Tracy Stone

Elizabeth Wiltsey

Miranda Taylor

Jacob Bone

James Wilkins

Amanda Holleman

Marilyn McLean

Preston Pierce

David McCreary

Caroline Johnson

Jennifer Wilkins

Daniel Sieg

Paul Wiltsey

Tori Pierce

Kriston Wiltsey

Hannah Stout

Sara Tew