Upward Awards Celebration

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At the end of every Upward season we like to celebrate big time!  Our Awards Celebration is set for Friday, March 2.  In addition to an amazing presentation by our special guest, Sean Emory, each child will receive their End of The Year Award!  Players sit together with their coaches, and parents sit around/behind them.

We’re doing a few things differently this year.  First of all, players do NOT need to wear their uniforms.  Come as you are.  Secondly, we are going to fit everyone in the gym for ONE program.  We will make sure to have seats for all the adults, but some of the players will be sitting on the gym floor.  It truly is an unforgettable night for the whole family!  I’ll see you there! 


5:30 pm        Doors Open

6:00 pm        Welcome & Special Thanks

6:10 pm        Cheerleader Routines

6:25 pm        Sean Emory’s Presentation

7:05 pm        Closing Remarks & Awards Distributed

7:20 pm        Dismissed