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Crossworld Update - December, 2020 A Merry Little Christmas

Posted onDecember 23, 2020 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

“Walking in darkness” describes perfectly what was happening when Jesus came to Earth. The Roman government and its cruel minions caused unthinkable terror in the land. The official religion was so far removed from God’s intentions that people were confused and oppressed by it's rule. In the end people were left with poverty, disease and stripped of any hope. Many simply resorted to doing whatever brought minimal relief and temporary pleasure....Keep Reading

CRU Ministry Update - October, 2020

Posted onOctober 27, 2020 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

This month we want to introduce you to Gaby, one of this year's class of Grad Fellows. Gaby is pursuing a Ph.D. in Art History at the University of Oregon--one of the hardest places in the country to reach others with the gospel....Keep Reading

Crossworld Update - October, 2020

Posted onOctober 9, 2020 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

A year ago at this time we were in the US packing to return to Milan at the end of a Summer filled with meetings, meaningful visits and laughter with many of you! No one knew what was about to happen. As we look back, it is hard to believe only 12 months have gone by! Months packed with sudden changes to normal life, a global pandemic, trips planned and changed, directives which have affected our daily schedules, unusual stress and inevitable worries… nevertheless, here we are!...Keep Reading

Grad Fellows Summer Mission - CRU Update, June 2020

Posted onJune 19, 2020 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

We have good news! The Lord has enabled us and led us and our team to relaunch the Grad Fellows Summer Mission. As we shared back in March, the mission was canceled due to COVID-19. However, we have been working over the past 6 weeks to relaunch it as a digital summer mission. It's going to look different, but we believe and trust the mission will have greater impact than if we had held it in person. Isn't that just what you would expect of our great God?!...Keep Reading

Crossworld Update - April, 2020

Posted onApril 14, 2020 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

By your many messages, prayers, encouragement and support we know you are right here with us. You have touched us deeply. Health wise and emotionally, Donna, Elisa and I are doing well....Keep Reading

Different World. Same God. CRU Update

Posted onMarch 27, 2020 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

Well, our world has certainly changed over the past couple of weeks. Hasn't? And yet, the God of the universe--the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, our God--remains the same. We can still trust Him completely. His love, mercy, and power are still not far off....Keep Reading

Crossworld Update - March 2020 #2

Posted onMarch 26, 2020 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

Week one we said, "Great! A vacation." Week two we said, "This is too much. The government is overreacting." Week three we said, "THEY are really WORRIED. THEY must know something we don't." All the time the numbers were climbing....Keep Reading

Crosssworld Update - February 2020

Posted onMarch 9, 2020 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

As you have probably heard in the news, Italy and especially our region around Milan now has the highest number of cases outside China and South Korea. Three medical doctors in our church had advised us already Saturday to suspend our services. Then the local government began suspending all schools and universities in the area, religious gatherings, sports events and all public gatherings for one week. Grocery stores and restaurants remain open even if the shelves looked for a couple of days like those in Alabama when a snowstorm is predicted. ...Keep Reading

Crossworld Update - March 2020

Posted onMarch 9, 2020 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

Yes, we are living in a new epicenter of a pandemic disease. An invisible hand has emptied out our city, public trolleys, stores and once bustling coffee shops. Tourists have disappeared. Schools, offices, churches and every venue where people normally come together are now closed down by the government. ...Keep Reading

Paul Hesman Update - February 2020

Posted onFebruary 21, 2020 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Exactly one month from today will be the beginning of spring. The long, cold winter will be transformed into a time of renewal. Gerard Manley Hopkins' poem "Spring" dramatizes the theme stated in the first line, "Nothing is so beautiful as spring," as it relates the season of renewal to the Resurrection of Christ. The idea of renewal remind us that we are a new creation ... the old has passed away; behold the new has come" (2 Cor 5:17). We are excited about the new things that our God is doing in South Africa. We have the wonderful privilege of supporting two church planters in South Africa....Keep Reading

Paul Hesman - Synergy Leadership Network June 2019

Posted onJune 30, 2019 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Though the USA has become home again, our love for the people of South Africa has not waned and we are still passionate about the vision of growing gospel-driven churches. God has opened an exciting new initiative in which we can still have an impact for Christ in South Africa! We are on our way to South Africa on the 1st of July to implement this new initiative. We will be there for a month, visiting friends and networking with churches, church planters, and theological institutions. We are so excited! ...Keep Reading

Holleman Ministry Team - May 2019 Prayer Letter

Posted onMay 29, 2019 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and financial support over this past academic year. We have seen the Lord work in many wonderful ways. We launched on our twentieth campus this year and are now able to help bring the gospel within arm’s reach of over 150,000 grad students on those twenty campuses. The Lord has continued to call full-time Cru staff to join our growing national Grad Ministry team. He has also continued to raise up grad student leaders to lead movements on campuses where we don’t have Grad Ministry staff. We’d love to tell you about Raven who launched a grad movement at Vanderbilt this year. It’s one of our favorite stories of the year!...Keep Reading

Crossworld - Dan and Donna Standridge January 2019

Posted onJanuary 15, 2019 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

Hope this letter finds you well and determined to live this New Year in the Lord! We believe God has answered your prayers for "Susanna", the mother of four who made great progress last year. She is well. Concerning her ex-husband, things have settled down a bit as there is a $200,000 bill he owes to Susanna for legal fees and missed alimony payments accrued over the years. Presently, this seems to be the greatest deterrent to him from making the 1,000 mile trip to Milan where she lives with her family. Because you prayed, some healthy boundaries came around her! ...Keep Reading

Holleman Ministry Team - November 2018 Update

Posted onNovember 7, 2018 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

As we launch grad student movements on campuses all across the U.S., our jaws continue to drop as we see God provide in unexpected ways. Kristin, a Senior English major at Marshall University and a Cru Grad Fellow, eagerly asked last fall to join our first Grad Fellows Summer Mission. We hadn’t anticipated accepting students who weren’t yet grad students, but we said yes with the understanding that she would launch a grad movement once she began grad school. Then Kristin surprised us! She shared that she also wanted to launch a grad movement at Marshall before she graduated. Below is a recent update from Kristin....Keep Reading

Crossworld - Dan and Donna Standridge - July 2018

Posted onJuly 26, 2018 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

This month marks 25 years of exciting work and life in Milan! As many of you know, upon arrival in Milan we were assigned to ministry in three church plants in their early stages (one of them Arabic speaking). Our discipleship began with many people in our home and many others in Dan’s counseling office. Opportunities abounded for speaking across Italy, even on national radio and TV - presenting several topics to introduce the Gospel to first-time listeners. Looking back, God constantly opened new doors....Keep Reading

Hesman Herald - July, 2018

Posted onJuly 6, 2018 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Changes in season have arrived. As we see the frost in the morning, we know winter has arrived in South Africa. Summer, autumn, winter and spring, God reminds us, through His creation, that seasons are to be expected, to be natural, and to be embraced. Whether it is firewood for an upcoming winter or plans for a summer barbecue, our anticipation of the shift in season has arrived and we prepare, we anticipate…...Keep Reading

Holleman Ministry Team - June 2018 Update

Posted onJune 8, 2018 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

A few weeks ago, I (Heather) served as the Master of Ceremonies for the Cru National Summit briefing in Austin, Texas. During this gathering of Cru's board members and major financial partners, I enjoyed introducing the stories of changed lives through the ministry of Cru on high school and college campuses. We heard live testimonies and watched videos from all over the world of Jesus transforming people who then went on to commit their lives to advancing the gospel, often in the hardest places to reach in the world. ...Keep Reading

Hesman Herald April 2018

Posted onJune 5, 2018 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Summer is emerging in the northern hemisphere while winter encroaches in the southern hemisphere. We are presently on a farm in South Africa. As I look out each morning, I am reminded of Scriptures that declare: “The heavens declare the glory of God” and “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead.” Being in this beautiful setting of a dairy farm has reminded us of the creator-God who is also the Great Planner. I have been reading an amazing book, “Humble Roots,” written by our friend, Hannah Anderson. She reflects on humility and God’s grace in our lives as we serve him. Hannah has a unique way of looking at God’s creation and Scripture....Keep Reading

Hesman Herald - Februry 2018

Posted onFebruary 16, 2018 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Barbecues, sunshine, and ninety-degree temperatures… at least that is the picture in our mind of January in South Africa. This is the time of year for warm weather and icy desserts, not snow and hot chocolate! So, you can imagine our boys with the glistening snow and the icy temperatures. They did get out to build a snow man but the cold drove them back inside very quickly. We are just not accustomed to wintry weather....Keep Reading

Holleman Ministry Team - November Update

Posted onNovember 25, 2017 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

Dear Team, Happy Thanksgiving! Heather and I hope that you had a great day yesterday and that you were able to rest and refresh as you reflected on the greatness of God and thanked Him for all that He is and has done for you this past year....Keep Reading

Hesman Herald - October 2017

Posted onOctober 16, 2017 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Dear Wake Chapel Family, - We are presently on furlough in the States. Our sending church, Salem Baptist, meticulously maintains a beautiful missions’ home. What a blessing to have a home away from home. Thank you again, Salem Baptist, for the use of your ministry house! Lord willing, we will be here until the new year....Keep Reading

Crossworld - Dan & Donna August 2017

Posted onAugust 27, 2017 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

As the Italians use up their 4 weeks of summer vacation, we take advantage of the slow time to focus on special projects which will impact this coming fall (and take a little vacation ourselves)....Keep Reading

CRU Update - August 2017

Posted onAugust 24, 2017 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

When we last wrote, we asked you to pray for the Grad Fellows Summer Mission that we were hoping to launch this past summer. Thank you so much for praying for our recruiting efforts for the mission. The Lord, however, had other plans. We were not able to recruit the number of students we needed for the mission to have the desired experience and impact for students. We were certainly disappointed. However, we have seen the Lord’s goodness and great providential care for us and the ministry through it all. Let me tell you of a couple of ways we saw the Lord work....Keep Reading

Pioneers Prayer Update - August 2017

Posted onAugust 10, 2017 | by: Dave & Sonya | 0 comments

To our dear Prayer Partners, This morning I was meditating on Matthew 21 and verse 22 caused me to call out to God for more faith in prayer. It says, "whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith". It is God's will that we continually knell in His presence, calling on Him in prayer. Please pray with us for the Chwea people. Pray that God will soon bring whole families to Himself....Keep Reading

Pioneers Prayer Update - June 2017

Posted onJuly 3, 2017 | by: Dave & Sonya | 0 comments

Dear faithful Prayer Partners, We are excited to announce the arrival of our third grandson "Cai". He arrived on May 9th and we could be happier for the blessing of a healthy baby boy. Matt and Steph and kids are stateside right now wrangling out visa issues. Pray for them as the adjust to a new family member and work on getting back soon. Zach and Tina also just relocated to Greenville, SC. Tina got a job working with legal refugees with "World Relief". Zach was able to transfer to a Marriott Conv. Center in Greenville. Praise God with us in how He continues to provide for all our kids in their various places. ...Keep Reading

Hesman Herald - May 2017

Posted onMay 28, 2017 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Dear Wake Chapel Family We have put our furniture in storage, emptied our home in South Africa, said our goodbyes, took our flights back to the States and arrived in the USA late Wednesday evening. We are presently in Virginia with Penny's parents. This morning we had a breakfast of sausage gravy and homemade biscuits, quite a treat after three years of missing true southern cooking!...Keep Reading

Crossworld - Dan & Donna Standridge - April 2017

Posted onApril 22, 2017 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

By the end of the summer, both Marco and Gioia wondered how to break the news to each other as their lives had changed dramatically. High School sweethearts and now in their early twenties, Gioia and Marco (not their real names) left Milan to learn English in Great Britain for the summer. Gioia found work in a family as an au pair. Marco was hired in a hotel in a distant town making it hard for them to see each other. ...Keep Reading

News from Pioneers - March, 2017

Posted onApril 18, 2017 | by: Dave & Sonya | 0 comments

Good things are happening in County district and the gospel continues to spread throughout our adopted Country as God powerfully changes lives and villages. The County Churches continue to reach out to make other disciples of Jesus and start new churches. I recently went up to visit County and returned to visit one of the new church plants where 6 new believers were baptized and the church is maturing. This church is in the village of Purun. Please Pray for Steve and his son-in-law Hank whom God is using to gather this new church together each week for worship....Keep Reading

Crossworld - Dan & Donna February 2017

Posted onFebruary 17, 2017 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

Dear Friends, 2017 has begun with some very exciting developments! “La Radice”, the church we are presently involved in, is well on its way to confirm its leadership and several home groups have started with mature believers taking responsibility for the Bible studies....Keep Reading

Hesman Herald - January 2017

Posted onJanuary 7, 2017 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Dear Wake Chapel friends, Happy New Year! It is a time of new beginnings, new challenges, …We are praying for God’s direction and blessing in your life as you embrace His grace in 2017! As Paul reminds us in Romans that the Lord says, “My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”...Keep Reading

CRU Update December 11, 2016

Posted onDecember 12, 2016 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

This semester Heather taught a group of grad students and faculty members how to teach Writing in the Humanities, a class she designed and created for Penn State. ...Keep Reading

The Earth Shakes and People Move! Crossworld 11/2016

Posted onNovember 25, 2016 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

After a very intense summer in the US, and after a quick trip to Kansas City in mid-October, we are settling into our Milan routine. Traveling through the South, East, Mid and western states, gave us a wonderful opportunity to visit with and report to many of you. Your hospitality, questions and concerns gave us the stamina and encouragement we needed. Thank you for your pampering, time, continued support and prayers....Keep Reading

Hesman Herald - October, 2016

Posted onOctober 12, 2016 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me." Galatians 2:20... Once dead, now alive,... Though we live in the flesh, we live by faith in the very one who lives in us, and gave himself for us. It is this message we share with those we meet in South Africa, the gospel message of hope and grace through Jesus' life, death, burial and resurrection!...Keep Reading

Holleman Cru Update - August 2016

Posted onAugust 11, 2016 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

Yesterday was a great day! One of our major strategies to launch grad movements everywhere is to surface, mobilize, and resource Cru undergrad students going to grad school after they graduate. We have been working on setting up the system to do this over the past several months. Yesterday, we sent the first email to students who indicated on Cru conference registrations last year a desire to hear more about Cru in grad school. We will be connecting with them more over the coming weeks. Please pray that they decide to stay connected to us, and that we are able to minister to and with them this year....Keep Reading

Hesman Herald - June 2016

Posted onJuly 1, 2016 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Dear Wake Chapel Family "We give thanks to God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you, Since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus, and of the love which ye have to all the saints. For the hope which is laid up for you in heaven, whereof ye heard before in the word of the truth of the gospel." Colossians 1: 3-5 We praise the Lord for you and your faithful partnership in the gospel here in South Africa! ...Keep Reading

Cru Update - May 2016

Posted onJune 3, 2016 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

I never imagined that I would encounter God’s kindness and faithfulness in such a powerful and significant way over a $9.00 breakfast plate of eggs, bacon, and pancakes at The Village Inn restaurant near Sea World. Let me explain....Keep Reading

Crossworldd - Our Second Visit

Posted onMay 26, 2016 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

Our Second Visit, With the lights turned very dim, some incense smoldering on a table, the sound system playing some soft familiar Christian music in French, we started at 9:30 p.m....Keep Reading

Crossworld - We're Going Back!

Posted onMay 23, 2016 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

Your response to our last visit to the Spiritist group was overwhelming! Possibly, thousands of you prayed and God gave us freedom and power to speak as we should. After our meeting God pressed upon me to ask for a second meeting and their Leader Walter accepted. So we are scheduled to go again this Tuesday at 9 p.m....Keep Reading

Crossworld April, 2016 - Urgent Prayer Request Continued

Posted onApril 23, 2016 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

One of the prayer requests we shared with you last week was that Satan would not thwart this opportunity. Well, it’s been delayed by a week. Walter, the man who leads the group, called me yesterday to say he had an unexpected meeting somewhere else and we needed to postpone the meeting. We have set the new date for next Tuesday at 9,00pm (our time)....Keep Reading

Crossworld April, 2016 - Urgent Prayer Request

Posted onApril 15, 2016 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

One of the men who have been coming to my office for counseling heard a recording of my message on Christian forgiveness and was enthusiastic. “I’ve listened to it - he insisted - several times and need to write it out so that I can have it in print! I let my friends listen to parts of it and they were very interested!”...Keep Reading

Hesman Herald - January 2016

Posted onJanuary 15, 2016 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Dear Wake Chapel Friends As 2016 begins, we want to express to all of you..."For God is my record, how greatly I long after you all in the bowels of Jesus Christ. And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment; That you may approve things that are excellent; that you may be sincere and without offense till the day of Christ. Being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God." Philippians 1:8-11...Keep Reading

CRU Update - December 2015

Posted onDecember 2, 2015 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

Eight years ago, God supernaturally led us to a home to rent in our neighborhood. The owner was a Christian who just happened to be the graduate student who began the very ministry we are now leading at Penn State. The home was large and beautiful-it was immeasurably more than we had ever asked or imagined (Ephesians 3:20)- and we never thought we could afford to pay the rent. But we knew a home like this with an open-floor plan and a basement for meetings was perfect for ministry. At that time, the owner said, "What can you afford? Just pay that." God made a way and provided through this family's generosity....Keep Reading

CRU Update November 2015

Posted onNovember 16, 2015 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

It's Fall and that means Friday Night High School Football! Here is Heather and me at our first ever high school football game together. And Fall means student fall retreats! Click Keep Reading to hear all about our retreat in October. ...Keep Reading

Hesman Herald - October 2015

Posted onOctober 21, 2015 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Dear Wake Chapel Friends, Birds are singing, sun is shining, flowers are blooming, children playing...Spring has arrived in South Africa! A time of newness, freshness, a time of change......Keep Reading

Crossworld - Dan and Donna Standridge Fall 2015

Posted onOctober 9, 2015 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

OPEN DOORS! Dear Friends, The summer came and went with great opportunities. The week we spent at the Conference Retreat was productive and intense. Between lectures, devotionals, and the final Sunday gathering of regional churches, Dan spoke and preached 25 times!...Keep Reading

CRU Update September, 2015

Posted onSeptember 17, 2015 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

We had a great summer in Colorado taking part in Cru’s ongoing theological development program and our biennial staff conference! Ashley enjoyed an epic 4-day cross-country trip with his parents to set up our apartment. The Rockies were as beautiful and captivating as ever. Our classes and conference really ministered to us. And the summer ended with some great ministry news that we are excited to share with you!...Keep Reading

Hesman Herald - July 2015

Posted onJuly 28, 2015 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Dear Wake Chapel Family, During summer, we know you have enjoyed the fresh fruit of the season...God has impressed on our hearts to pray for you and our family that we would be filled with the fruits of righteousness as God's love abounds in us all.....Keep Reading

Dan & Donna Standridge - June 2015

Posted onJune 17, 2015 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

Seen but not heard! Last month, Donna spoke to about 80 women at the annual retreat at the Isola Conference Center on how to carve out personal times with God and also establish a group of three ladies to regularly share their spiritual progress. “A Moment of Silence, Please!” seemed like a good title for the conference....Keep Reading

CRU Update May 2015

Posted onMay 19, 2015 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

Ever since we arrived at Penn State, we have been praying and working for the day when the gospel comes within arm's reach of every grad student and professor on campus SO THAT we can help the gospel come within arm's reach of every person on the planet. Our hearts don't just beat for grad students and professors at Penn State. Our hearts beat for the world. We want to go to the world and send students and professors to the world....Keep Reading

CRU Update - February 2015

Posted onMay 4, 2015 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

We've always encouraged Christian professors to identify themselves as Christians on the first day of class. It's often a great act of faith for a professor to do this. Because I've feared directly talking about Jesus in class, it's in office hours that I am much more direct; I will talk about Jesus or things I'm learning in Scripture, and this is where most of my spiritual conversations with students happen....Keep Reading

Hesman Herald - April 2015

Posted onApril 6, 2015 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

We trust that you have had a blessed time celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! The Hilton Baptist Church gathered together on Thursday night for a half night of prayer. We meditated, prayed, praised the Lord as we followed the sequence of events from the Last Supper to the arrest of Jesus. On Friday morning the community of faith gathered again to celebrate the death of Christ on our behalf. Our Easter celebration concluded with a Sunday morning service focusing on the resurrection. Following the service, three ladies were baptized. It was awesome!...Keep Reading

Hesman Herald - January 2015

Posted onJanuary 14, 2015 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Dear Wake Chapel Family, Happy New Year! We are praying that God continues to direct your paths as you trust in Him in the year of 2015. We are anticipating God accomplishing great things this year....Keep Reading

CRU Update November 2014

Posted onNovember 19, 2014 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

And so it begins at PSU - 40,000 undergrad students, 6000 grad students, 3500 professors and one God who loves them all and knows each one by name. ...Keep Reading

Peavy Post - November 2014

Posted onNovember 11, 2014 | by: James Peavy | 0 comments

After my recent visit to Melbourne there is little doubt that the church in Australia is struggling, but as the church in Craigieburn, Victoria demonstrates, there is hope moving forward to the future....Keep Reading

Hesman Herald Fall 2014

Posted onOctober 22, 2014 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Life Is Buzzing: We have begun a new term at the Bible College. The buzz of student life is back...the momentary quiet of the Spring holiday is gone. Students studying, asking questions, laughing and sometimes crying, praying, preparing sermons, singing songs, playing soccer, discussing life and theological concepts,...this is life during the school term. Sometimes living becomes very messy as campus life overflows into family life but it is never dull. I remember vividly reading a book about bringing up adolescents...the author reminded me to look at every "disruption", every "crisis" as an opportunity to build into lives and to grow as the person God wants us to become. I have found that advice to be true in all of life...God always has a purpose. Pray that we can remember this even when things are "messy"....Keep Reading

Peavy Post - August 2014

Posted onAugust 5, 2014 | by: James Peavy | 0 comments

We are going to be traveling quite a bit over the next few months as we speak in Georgia, Florida, and Ohio. I will also be taking a trip to Australia in October to spend time with the church that will sponsor us in our visa/ immigration process. Please pray that we will see an increase in financial support through these opportunities....Keep Reading

Hesman Herald July 2014

Posted onAugust 2, 2014 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Dear Wake Chapel Family, We are in South Africa! We are excited to be back. The trip was uneventful, just tiring. As always, goodbyes were hard. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. Thank you also to the Choi family and the church family at Faith Baptist (Pastor David and Bill) in helping us make our way to Dulles Airport. What a blessing! ...Keep Reading

Dan and Donna Standridge - Summer 2014

Posted onJuly 15, 2014 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

With Summer moving along, God is “on the move” as well! With record numbers at the Isola Camp, many children and young people are finding Jesus! In two weekends, Dan helped to prepare 80 volunteers who attended training sessions on how to communicate the Gospel to brand new campers, prepare age specific activities and learn how to follow new policies and safety regulations....Keep Reading

His Love Shines - CCCD Wrap-Up

Posted onJune 27, 2014 | by: Seth Carter | 0 comments

You wake up every morning, humidity heavy enough to get out your scuba gear you had to pay $6 for. Everyone is waking up earlier than they were in the beginning of the week. This can be due to no one having any energy when the sun drops below the water just over the cinder block wall in the distance. When the clock strikes 10, we’re out like a light....Keep Reading

James and Lauren Peavy - Summer 2014

Posted onJune 24, 2014 | by: James Peavy | 0 comments

When writing about "un-reached people groups" John Piper states, "a group is reached when mission efforts have established an indigenous that has the strength and resources to evangelize the rest of the group" (Let the Nations be Glad. pg 216). According to this definition, Mongolia is far from the status of a "reached" nation. What I witnessed over the past two weeks was a nation that is almost entirely under the iron grip of Satan as they engage in the enslaving practices of spirit worship and Buddhism. As stated in our prayer letter a few weeks ago, I was given the unique opportunity to go on a construction/missions trip to the town of Khatgal, Mongolia. While the ...Keep Reading

WCCC CCCD Mission Trip Day 5

Posted onJune 19, 2014 | by: Seth Carter | 0 comments

Today is Thursday, I think, and today we are looking forward to what our chef calls "Jamaica Day" for dinner, extra large helpings of traditional Jamaican dishes after visiting the infirmary this morning and then back to our projects for the afternoon....Keep Reading

CCCD Mission Trip 2014 Day 2

Posted onJune 17, 2014 | by: Seth Carter | 0 comments

After a cool shower (no hot water but it still feels great!) last night we woke to a delicious 7 a.m. breakfast. After that we joined the CCCD students and staff for chapel. It was totally done in sign language from the singing to the preaching. But luckily we had our translator, Charles Stores, with us. It was inspiring to see the deaf community worshiping our Lord. After chapel we shuttled out to Bay Life Baptist Church. That was another great experience. We were seated with about 60-80 people in a room a little bit bigger than the mixed adults Sunday school classroom (or the size of two average master bedrooms). We had a great Father's Day sermon encouraging dads to show up for their wives and children and be the leader to help them thorough life's chaos....Keep Reading

CCCD Mission Trip 2014 Day 1- Part 2

Posted onJune 16, 2014 | by: Seth Carter | 0 comments

Sorry folks. It is late Sunday and I just got access to the internet. I'll send you some journal reports today and try to get pictures later. I'm writing this to you at night overlooking Montego Bay lit up by all the house and city lights along the shore and mountainside, and hearing Jamaican music blaring from different houses surrounding us. Here we go!...Keep Reading

Peavy Prayer Letter - June 2014

Posted onJune 5, 2014 | by: James Peavy | 0 comments

These last few months have been quite busy. We have appreciated all the prayers, calls, and cards we have received. Now we are beginning to get into the swing of deputation with a new baby. Our latest trip has taken us to Central Florida. We have enjoyed fellowship with several different churches. Worshiping with fellow believers and sharing with them our burden for Australia is always a fun experience. We especially enjoyed being a part of a Word of Life Teen meeting at Northside Baptist in Lakeland. James and I have such a heart for teens that any opportunity to interact with them or minister to them is such a blessing....Keep Reading

CRU Update - May 2014

Posted onMay 14, 2014 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

One of our top priorities this year has been to develop some "bread-and- butter" tools that would help us and other Faculty Commons staff around the country have more frequent, higher quality and more satisfying gospel conversations with professors. One of the tools we have been working on is an interview. It is designed to help staff easily meet professors they don't know and get to know their world and life better. It gives us a truly legitimate and winsome reason to knock on the door of a professor we don't know (we knock if the door is already open), to introduce ourselves to them, and to ask them for ten minutes of their time for an interview we are conducting. The interview includes a few questions about the spiritual side of their life and work. So, it also gives us an opportunity to have gospel conversations in the future with them if they are interested....Keep Reading

Hesman Herald - April 2014

Posted onApril 23, 2014 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

We trust that you had an awesome time reflecting over the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ this Easter. The resurrection is a constant reminder to us that God is renewing His creation and that He is calling individuals to participate in that renewal through the Gospel! Hallelujah!...Keep Reading

Have a Blessed Easter! - from the Standridges

Posted onApril 16, 2014 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

Trust Easter is a season of reminders of Christ’s death and Resurrection Power! He established a new Life for all who trust and follow Him. He solved forever the sin, the hurt and the brokenness for disciples from all ages and people groups!...Keep Reading

Crossworld Winter 2014 Update

Posted onFebruary 28, 2014 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

“Progress” is the word that best describes our life here! Given that we were in the States for about 5 months in 2013, the 20% increase in attendance at “The Radice” church is progress. It speaks of how well the leadership is doing. Many seekers who have visited our services are now part of our church. One man who had to undergo cancer surgery in January is telling all who will listen, “I’ve always been terrified of doctors and being sick. Being a nurse, I tried to bring comfort to patients because I was so afraid of death. But since I gave my life to Jesus I’ve had so much peace. My life and future are in His hands. I can’t say thank you enough for showing me Jesus!”...Keep Reading

Hesman Herald - December 2013

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Hot and cold...sunshine and snow...such a contrast between two "worlds." We flew from a warm summer in South Africa to the snow in Washington DC! We arrived in a snow storm a little over a week ago and drove down to Martinsville...arriving at Penny's parents' home at 1:30 in the morning! It was a long day! God was gracious, the weather was a bit treacherous but we arrived without incident....Keep Reading

CRU Update - December 2013

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We hope you were encouraged after reading in our last prayer letter how the Lord is moving among professors and grad students here at Penn State. As we shared last month, the Lord is giving us opportunities as a team to impact many more professors and grad students than we have in the past. However, it is simply not about the numbers. It never is. It's about individual lives. It's about one person seeing his life captured and transformed by Christ and then seeing that happen again and again in many people's lives. In fact, here are the stories of two people where God has been working powerfully this past semester....Keep Reading

CRU Report - November 2013

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The last couple of months on campus have been a complete blast! Every fall, the three biggest ministry opportunities we face are connecting with as many new graduate students as we can, creating a way to help new students become involved long-term with our movement, and having spiritual conversations with as many not-yet Christian grad students as we can. This fall we have seen the Lord enable and lead us to make major steps forward in all three of these opportunities. We would love to tell you about them! And celebrate with you! And say thank-you! Your partnership with us is making a huge difference here!...Keep Reading

Crossworld - Dan and Donna Standridge Fall 2013

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As you know, on August 5th we interrupted our summer trip through the US for Dan to attend his mother’s funeral in Rome. Donna traveled back to Alabama with the girls to spend the rest of the summer visiting family, partners and friends....Keep Reading

Holleman Cru News - Fall '13

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Thank you so much for your prayers and financial gifts for our summer assignment in Colorado. Heather and I were reflecting on our time in Colorado a few nights ago. We both shared that it was our best summer ever as a family! Here are some "postcards" from each of us to tell you more about it. We are so grateful for each and every one of you!...Keep Reading

Hesman Herald August 2013

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Winter is ending here in South Africa. Though the temperature does not drop down to the levels as it does in the States, the lack of insulation and central heating, not to mention open vents to the outside on each wall …make the cold prevalent all day and night. So we all gain a few pounds…no, not from over eating but from layers of clothes! It seems that the Zulu people really feel the cold. Often, they come to class or visit the house with not only the multiple layers of clothes but also a huge blanket wrapped around them!...Keep Reading

From Dan Standridge - Crossworld

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On June 20th Donna, Lucia, Elisa and I arrived in Birmingham, AL to start our home ministry! After two beautiful weeks with Donna’s parents and family we began our travels eastward. We went all the way to Philadelphia, stopping along the way to visit several churches and friends, sharing stories from our last three years in Milan and being refreshed daily by so many people....Keep Reading

Faculty at Cru Dinner from the Hollemans

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In last month's prayer letter, we shared with you about our Faculty at Cru meeting. And we started to tell you about the Faculty Appreciation Dinner that followed. Well, as Paul Harvey would say, "Here's the rest of the story."...Keep Reading

Teams for Medical Missions 2013

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"So, you're going to Jamaica on a mission trip? Sandy white beaches and crystal clear Caribbean waters in a tropical paradise ... sounds like a tough assignment! Where do I sign up?" I have heard some version of this response during the weeks and months before each of my trips to Jamaica with TEAMS for Medical Missions. ...Keep Reading

News From Paul and Penny Hesman - May 2013

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Thank you for joining us in sharing Christ around the world! It is a beautiful day here in South Africa…we are entering fall after a wonderful yet hot summer! The leaves do not color as beautifully as in North Carolina or Virginia, but the chill in the air reminds us still that change has come....Keep Reading