Missions News and Updates

Faculty at Cru Dinner from the Hollemans

Posted onJuly 1, 2013 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

In last month's prayer letter, we shared with you about our Faculty at Cru meeting. And we started to tell you about the Faculty Appreciation Dinner that followed. Well, as Paul Harvey would say, "Here's the rest of the story."...Keep Reading

Teams for Medical Missions 2013

Posted onJune 3, 2013 | by: Jenny McCreary | 0 comments

"So, you're going to Jamaica on a mission trip? Sandy white beaches and crystal clear Caribbean waters in a tropical paradise ... sounds like a tough assignment! Where do I sign up?" I have heard some version of this response during the weeks and months before each of my trips to Jamaica with TEAMS for Medical Missions. ...Keep Reading

News From Paul and Penny Hesman - May 2013

Posted onMay 14, 2013 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Thank you for joining us in sharing Christ around the world! It is a beautiful day here in South Africa…we are entering fall after a wonderful yet hot summer! The leaves do not color as beautifully as in North Carolina or Virginia, but the chill in the air reminds us still that change has come....Keep Reading

Faculty at CRU - Ashley and Heather Holleman

Posted onMay 2, 2013 | by: Ashely & Heather Holleman | 0 comments

As we wrote in our last prayer letter, one of our highest priorities this past semester was to establish our "Whole Campus" vision. We trusted the Lord to create the world at Penn State where professors believed that they were allowed to reach students, where students believed that they could reach professors, and where professors and students believed that God was calling them to work together to bring the gospel o the whole campus and ultimately to the whole world....Keep Reading