Missions News and Updates

Hesman Herald Fall 2014

Posted onOctober 22, 2014 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Life Is Buzzing: We have begun a new term at the Bible College. The buzz of student life is back...the momentary quiet of the Spring holiday is gone. Students studying, asking questions, laughing and sometimes crying, praying, preparing sermons, singing songs, playing soccer, discussing life and theological concepts,...this is life during the school term. Sometimes living becomes very messy as campus life overflows into family life but it is never dull. I remember vividly reading a book about bringing up adolescents...the author reminded me to look at every "disruption", every "crisis" as an opportunity to build into lives and to grow as the person God wants us to become. I have found that advice to be true in all of life...God always has a purpose. Pray that we can remember this even when things are "messy"....Keep Reading

Peavy Post - September 2014

Posted onSeptember 12, 2014 | by: James Peavy | 0 comments

Monday we stood in the Raleigh-Durham airport and said good-bye to our dear friends, Ryan and Joy Owen (www.owenambition.org). By now the Owens have already arrived in their new country, Ghana, and are trying to get acquainted to their new life in Western Africa. Ryan and Joy went to college with my wife and I and we worked together for several years at Marshall Baptist Church. We joined Baptist Mid Missions together and Ryan and I were ordained together. ...Keep Reading

Peavy Post - August 2014

Posted onAugust 5, 2014 | by: James Peavy | 0 comments

We are going to be traveling quite a bit over the next few months as we speak in Georgia, Florida, and Ohio. I will also be taking a trip to Australia in October to spend time with the church that will sponsor us in our visa/ immigration process. Please pray that we will see an increase in financial support through these opportunities....Keep Reading

Hesman Herald July 2014

Posted onAugust 2, 2014 | by: Paul Hesman | 0 comments

Dear Wake Chapel Family, We are in South Africa! We are excited to be back. The trip was uneventful, just tiring. As always, goodbyes were hard. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. Thank you also to the Choi family and the church family at Faith Baptist (Pastor David and Bill) in helping us make our way to Dulles Airport. What a blessing! ...Keep Reading

Dan and Donna Standridge - Summer 2014

Posted onJuly 15, 2014 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

With Summer moving along, God is “on the move” as well! With record numbers at the Isola Camp, many children and young people are finding Jesus! In two weekends, Dan helped to prepare 80 volunteers who attended training sessions on how to communicate the Gospel to brand new campers, prepare age specific activities and learn how to follow new policies and safety regulations....Keep Reading

His Love Shines - CCCD Wrap-Up

Posted onJune 27, 2014 | by: Seth Carter | 0 comments

You wake up every morning, humidity heavy enough to get out your scuba gear you had to pay $6 for. Everyone is waking up earlier than they were in the beginning of the week. This can be due to no one having any energy when the sun drops below the water just over the cinder block wall in the distance. When the clock strikes 10, we’re out like a light....Keep Reading

James and Lauren Peavy - Summer 2014

Posted onJune 24, 2014 | by: James Peavy | 0 comments

When writing about "un-reached people groups" John Piper states, "a group is reached when mission efforts have established an indigenous that has the strength and resources to evangelize the rest of the group" (Let the Nations be Glad. pg 216). According to this definition, Mongolia is far from the status of a "reached" nation. What I witnessed over the past two weeks was a nation that is almost entirely under the iron grip of Satan as they engage in the enslaving practices of spirit worship and Buddhism. As stated in our prayer letter a few weeks ago, I was given the unique opportunity to go on a construction/missions trip to the town of Khatgal, Mongolia. While the ...Keep Reading

WCCC CCCD Mission Trip Day 5

Posted onJune 19, 2014 | by: Seth Carter | 0 comments

Today is Thursday, I think, and today we are looking forward to what our chef calls "Jamaica Day" for dinner, extra large helpings of traditional Jamaican dishes after visiting the infirmary this morning and then back to our projects for the afternoon....Keep Reading