Pioneers Prayer Update - June 2017

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Dear faithful Prayer Partners,

We are excited to announce the arrival of our third grandson "Cai". He arrived on May 9th and we could be happier for the blessing of pioneer-2017-6-2a healthy baby boy.  Matt and Steph and kids are stateside right now wrangling out visa issues.   Pray for them as the adjust to a new family member and work on getting back soon.   Zach and Tina also just relocated to Greenville, SC.  Tina got a job working with legal refugees with  "World Relief".  Zach was able to transfer to a Marriott Conv. Center in Greenville.  Praise God with us in how He continues to provide for all our kids in their various places.

Fasting is very different from what we believers do when we fast and pray. “Sandy” sat under our house, hungry and thirsty after a day of fasting.   On the one hand, she was excited to tell us how she has fasted for the last three weeks and had one week to go.  Each morning, she along with pioneer-2017-6-3most of our friends in our village, awake around 3:00am in the morning to prepare food and eat before the sun rises. Then, from sun rise to sun set, they do not eat or drink; and they try not to even swallow their saliva.  Most of the afternoon, they will sleep because they only sleep around 4 hours each night.  At the call from the mosque, signaling that the sun has completely gone down; the people will eat their night meal.     This month is a month of depriving oneself during the daylight hours, but the evening is a time of feasting.   This month is a time to think more about religious strictness and all religious actions get 10 times the credit. Sandy has been very religiously aware of getting all the credit that she can earn this month, but as “Martha” was able to share with her, Jesus has already earned all the credit she needs and that He already paid for all the sins that she has committed.  This message of freedom in Jesus brought tears.  Please pray for Sandy and for the seeds of the gospel to take root in her.

pioneer-2017-6-4Another friend of mine named “Acral” (which means disciple or follower), opened up to me lately concerning deep family issues with his wife's infidelity. Their divorce was finalized last month leaving three young children in the wake.  Pray for Acral as he has been very open to our sharing about God’s love for him in ways that have encouraged him greatly.  Pray for Acral's salvation and for his comfort at this time.

We have a new teammate.  “Elizabeth Cooper” has come to help us for four months to teach English and re-learn the Khmer language and culture.   Lord willing, she will continue to work with us after she returns to the States for a sister’s wedding and the holidays.  Liz’s family worked here about 13 years ago when she was a child. Unforeseen circumstances caused them to leave and relocate pioneer-2017-6-5to the States, so she comes with some Khmer language and culture awareness already. :-)  Thank you for praying for us to have teammates and please pray for her as she adjusts to life with us and those in our village.  The photo is of the Eid feast after Ramadahn ended this past Sunday.  Liz is in the foreground with the blue scarf.

So, thankful for your standing with us in prayer.  We need it and appreciate it very much.

 “Alan and Martha"

(Note: Names and locations have been changed for reasons of security.)

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