CCCD Mission Trip 2014 Day 1- Part 2

June 16, 2014 | by: Seth Carter | 0 comments

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Sorry folks. It is late Sunday and I just got access to the internet. I'll send you some journal reports today and try to get pictures later. I'm writing this to you at night overlooking Montego CCCD_M_BayBay lit up by all the house and city lights along the shore and mountainside, and hearing Jamaican music blaring from different houses surrounding us. Here we go!


Saturday - despite having little to no sleep last night, our team is extremely eager I get to work. From loading the bus at Wake Chapel to checking in at the airports it has seemed as if the travel just isn't going fast enough for us. Early on every thing went smooth except for a couple of team members showing up late at the airport. They suffered from "alarm clock malfunction." 10 hours later we arrived at Montego Bay and realized we left one of our team members bags back on our connecting flight in New Jersey. It had all if Noah’s clothes for the week. Not that losing any bag is good, but going all week without any other clothes is a nightmare (perhaps for us more than him!). Luckily he's been able to borrow spare clothes from the rest if our team temporarily. Since then we've attempted to communicate with the airline we THiNK it has landed in Montego Bay but we’ll believe it when we see it.

CCCD_bus2The bus ride from Montego Bay airport to CCCD was awesome! We put 32 people in a 29 seat bus. If you were to see a picture it looks like how you would imagine 32 people huddled in the floor of the back if a large seatless van. Come to think of it I don't think we had any seat belts on that bus ride either. Jamaicans seem to be quite flexible with their "rules." Upon Mont_camp5_300arriving at the 7 acre CCCD campus we were all wowed! We had to drive through/past some pretty disturbing poverty on the way so when we arrived here it really is a jewel in the rough. It is very spacious with soccer field, small playground, dorms, meeting rooms, sanctuary, medical clinic and 2 large dorm buildings.

photo 1-4.JPGIt didn't take us long after unpacking to make friends with the students and start a game of soccer. Those kids gave us a humble welcome. They we're great soccer players and athletes in general. One even outplayed us barefoot. Our team has already started forming friendships and I’m sure the relationships will get even better throughout the week.

I also need to mention the food ...oh the food! Our cook, A.C., was formerly a chef at a resort and he has our entire team itching to see what delicious authentic Jamaican meal we’ll have next! The food is amazing.

This has all the ingredients of being one of my personal favorite mission projects ever and I haven't even told you half of all the great things that have happened today.


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