Crossworld - Dan and Donna Standridge Fall 2013

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September, 2013

Dear Friends,

As you know, on August 5th we interrupted our summer trip through the US for Dan to attend his mother’s funeral in Rome. Donna traveled back to Alabama with the girls to spend the rest of the summer visiting family, partners and friends.

The rest of August, Dan spent helping his dad (86 years old) do some necessary paperwork and begin life alone. Dad is doing well and drawing on many years of personal time with God. His main task now is to find ways to serve God at his own pace and continue in projects where he is still very much needed. Italy’s culture values “the elderly” and his wisdom and encouragement are great gifts to many.

Donna and the girls are back in the routine as school started the day we arrived. Pray for them and their jump from one side of the ocean to the other. It is not an easy adjustment and requires extra focus.

For Dan, it is time to resume his trip to the US. Starting Tuesday (Sept. 24), he will visit churches and partners in Colorado, Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois. He will be the main speaker in a missions conference in Warsaw, IN and attend another at the Crossworld headquarters in Kansas City.

While away this summer, the “Radice” church continued it’s ministries as many men and women stepped in to serve. It is obvious the church is reaching a new level of maturity as it plans for it’s own future. This weekend we will be involved in some meetings to identify and recognize the spiritual leaders among us. It is part of an initiative on their part and we are thrilled it is coming from the church and not from us, as we have been praying for just this for years.

Dan’s two short weeks in Milan have provided a small window to see some of the individuals who come in for regular counseling, and also visit the lawyers discipleship group at the coffee shop. Daniela, the owner’s granddaughter is now a regular member and showing true interest in our conversations around the table.

This month, a family from church as well as a single man, have moved overseas to seek work. Others are in real distress. As you know, all trials bring the opportunity to refine our relationship with our Lord, and we trust Italy’s economic struggles could also bring a deep spiritual interest among many, as never before.

We do appreciate you so much. You are part of God’s Love expressed in Italy. As we write this, we think of the many faces we saw this summer. Thank you so much for your warm welcome and words. We are looking forward to seeing many more of you and hearing of your progress also.

Yours, together in His service,

Dan, Donna and the girls

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