Crossworld - Dan and Donna Standridge January 2019

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Hope this letter finds you well and determined to live this New Year in the Lord!


We believe God has answered your prayers for "Susanna", the mother of four who made great progress last year.  She is well.  Concerning her ex-husband, things have settled down a bit as there is a $200,000 bill he owes to Susanna for legal fees and missed alimony payments accrued over the years.  Presently, this seems to be the greatest deterrent to him from making the 1,000 mile trip to Milan where she lives with her family.  Because you prayed, some healthy boundaries came around her! 

A renewed emphasis on mutual discipleship at “La Radice” church is taking shape, challenging the believers to focus on their relationships with others.  Pray that the new year would bring new growth through these steps of obedience. 

One man, whom Dan has discipled for years, has moved to Kurdistan to teach in an English school.  In spite of the many restrictions, he desires to reach out to people for our Master.  Dan is planning a trip in March to further encourage his desire to make disciples.  Pray for Dario* (name changed) and Dan’s trip.

As you know, besides “La Radice” and Counseling, our new leadership responsibilities for Crossworld Europe continue.  Truly because of your prayers and support over the years, our outreach goes beyond Italy.  Donna and Dan are mentoring directly and via Skype several new couples who are orienting in Europe to make disciples for Jesus.  This month our leadership team will begin contacting each missionary unit, once a month, to understand their ministries and encourage personal growth.

Dan’s dad Bill, continues to be frail and needs 24/7 care and visits to Doctors almost weekly.  Since August, he has battled with debilitating pain due to two collapsed vertebrae, coming one after the other.  Although the future is uncertain, it is great to have moved past such intense distress.

For Christmas, we had the joy of having Lydia, join us here in Milan!  She now lives in England, teaching.  Priscilla and Lucia were both able to make it to Alabama and see Donna’s family.  So glad for the privilege of forming more memories together!

A peek at Summer 2019!

We are planning a three month trip to visit and report to many of you in person!  So many of you have prayed for us and written to us and it will be a joy to reconnect. 

It will also be a time of developing new partnerships and increasing our support which presently is at only 70%.  Because of low support levels, we have not replenished our Travel Account.

Before then, some of you could still be involved in two projects related to travel.
 We invite you to pray and give to: 
1) Dan’s trip to see Dario this Spring ($600).   
2) A special gift towards the cost ($3,000) of returning to the US this Summer?

You can give at: (amount, account #36463, Name, specify, "for travel account”)

May God bless you in every way and thank you again for all you do for us.  You are the unknown partners who make a difference in the lives of Europeans!

In His service,

Dan and Donna

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