Crossworld April, 2016 - The Seed is in the Ground!

April 27, 2016 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

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The seed is in the ground -

By 11:30 p.m. the meeting was over. About fifteen people had gathered and listened carefully to my Bible Study and all had seemed free to ask questions and give their opinions during the evening.

Walter, their leader, was the most talkative and for the most part seemed to attempt to filter what I was saying through his own set of convictions. He had led us in a basement area to his office with chairs, many bookshelves, a large table and many images on the walls. The predominant paining was a 4x6 painting of the founder of this movement of “Spiritists” surrounded by photos and plaques. On a sidewall hung many photos and at least a dozen images of Jesus, Mary, Padre Pio and many more saints.

When we started the meeting, lights were dimmed and a prayer, asking for serenity and politeness, was said to no higher specific power. One man asked to turn off the music, a sort of new-age soft instrumental tune, which had been playing for a while.

I spoke on God’s forgiveness through Christ, Satan’s attempts to thwart His Plan, and how we can have a personal relationship with God though Christ and His work on the Cross. The group kept going back to the same type of comments, the first generally having to do with how knowledge of spiritual matters has continued and evolved after the Bible was written; the second having to do with their own experiences with the supernatural.

After the meeting, while we ate some refreshments, leaning over a stack of blank sheets, a young lady was rubbing a pen and offering to “write some messages”. Walter also let me see a sheet of paper where they had recorded a “message” form the dead and invited me to their Thursday meetings where they write or record spoken messages from the “suffering dead”. From what I can tell, this is their most powerful event as their “minister” to those who suffer and claim to bring hope regarding a future of reincarnations and happiness.

As we got back to our cars, one brother from our church described correctly what we had heard a huge “minestrone”. So we thanked God for His protection, freedom to proclaim Christ and prayed that Satan would not carry away the seed that had been cast.

As we drove home, the city was quiet and slept in physical darkness. The Light came to Milan tonight, one more time, and God’s Spirit will oversee God’s work to save many.

Many, many thanks to you. You have prayed mightily and if we could total all those who promised to pray, you would be in the thousands. We were part of something very large. Pray that some in this group will continue to listen and open their lives to Christ.

Yours in His service, Dan and Donna

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