Crossworld April, 2016 - Urgent Prayer Request Continued

April 23, 2016 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

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Dear Friends,
One of the prayer requests we shared with you last week was that Satan would not thwart this opportunity. Well, it’s been delayed by a week. Walter, the man who leads the group, called me yesterday to say he had an unexpected meeting somewhere else and we needed to postpone the meeting. We have set the new date for next Tuesday at 9,00pm (our time).

Many of you have written emails that you are praying for this meeting and our hearts are full! We will continue to do so together. The delay didn’t surprise me at all, many times I’ve seen important events get moved around like this. Here are some of my thoughts on this project. I’ve been praying for the conversion of the young man who first invited me: he could be the 100th sheep who we go looking for as we leave behind the safety of the larger flock. But I’ve been praying even more for Walter, their leader. Pray that the Lord would touch his heart and he with many in the group would come to Christ. Just like the men and women in Ephesus who were involved with the Evil One came to Christ together, I ask you to pray for him especially. This change of plans has a reason also for us who believe. I’m sure many of us have been super-alert as we prepare for this meeting. So we are called to stay super-alert for al least one more week! Possibly, we also are part of God’s plan to strenthen our faith. To challenge us to be alert in all areas of our life. Why just for one week?

Pray also for us this weekend. Dan is speaking at our annual church retreat in the mountains on God’s Plan for marriage. Many in the group have not made a decision for Christ, let alone decided to establish a marriage where God if free to pour out His Love and Life. Pray that Dan may be clear and many would open their lives and relationships to God.

We will keep you posted. And Thank you for standing with us as we move in God’s Power.

Dan and Donna

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