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Dear Friends,

The summer came and went with great opportunities.

The week we spent at the Conference Retreat was productive and intense. Between lectures, devotionals, and the final Sunday gathering of regional churches, Dan spoke and preached 25 times!

Dan's one week course on counseling gave full attention to the personal characteristics necessary for those who desire to be of help to others and it attracted a very good group of students. Having received good feedback, a second level course is already in the planning stages. It confirmed to us once again that the key to spiritual progress in people, in keeping with a strong biblical foundation, is fundamentally tied to personal discipleship and personal involvement. We also developed some key relationships which we hope will continue. Pray that the times spent together and the content of the seminar will continue to impact the students who were there.

A new open door is before us this Saturday. One of the attorneys who attends Dan's downtown cafè bible study is getting married this weekend to his companion of many years. Planning to establish their family (with two small children) in Padova, which is about two hours from Milan, Dan has been asked to perform the wedding in a Civil Ceremony in the City’s Court House. The groom, Dan and Donna will be the only believers present at the ceremony and our prayer is to impact this “new network” of Italians with a clear message of the Gospel of Jesus. A formal reception will follow in a very exclusive Tea House in downtown Padova and will offer us opportunities to mingle and get to know families and friends. Pray for wisdom and Grace as we connect with new people.

We count on your prayers and support in so many ways. As the Apostle Paul prayed, “a great open door is before us” and you allow us to keep pressing and speaking boldly as we should.

Thank you!

Pressing on,

Dan & Donna

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