Crossworld Winter 2014 Update

February 28, 2014 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

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Dear Friends,                                                                                               Winter 2014

Progress” is the word that best describes our life here!

Given that we were in the States for about 5 months in 2013, the 20% increase in attendance at “The Radice” church is progress. It speaks of how well the leadership is doing. Many seekers who have visited our services are now part of our church. One man who had to undergo cancer surgery in January is telling all who will listen, “I’ve always been terrified of doctors and being sick. Being a nurse, I tried to bring comfort to patients because I was so afraid of death. But since I gave my life to Jesus I’ve had so much peace. My life and future are in His hands. I can’t say thank you enough for showing me Jesus!”

Dan’s discipleship times at Roberto’s Café also shows progress. This week we addressed together an “enemy attack”, as defined by one of the men. Apologetically and yet a bit frazzled, a lawyer who is a still a new believer told us that as he had been reading the Bible with his mother at home during the week when she blurted out suddenly, “I know what this is all about! That Dan you talk about is part of a religious pyramid scheme to milk money from people. That’s why they are not in the RCC. Catholicism is the major obstacle to their progress! You stay clear of that charlatan!”

As absurd as the accusation sounded to the men in the Café, they went into a detailed discussion on Dan’s finances, support system and who “Crossworld” is (google search is available to all!). Plus, our group has developed a culture of full disclosure (usually on struggles with temptation and sin), so Dan’s financial life was fair game—if it can bring clarity to our work, bring it on! They did look a bit puzzled that our support is based on month-by-month donations and we have been living like this for over 22 years. We also read in Romans 10 about the sequence of how people come to Jesus: hearing the Word of God, sent-ones and senders. They agreed that they are the true beneficiaries in this series of miracles.

In the end, Roberto prayed for this typical Italian Mom, her concerns, cynicism, and resistance to the Gospel. The Gospel has the power to pierce her heart. It is more powerful than all opposition. Satan cannot resist it’s progress. This lawyer is bringing the Gospel into his home, that is Progress!

You are part of this Progress as solid partners and senders. May God bless you, your giving and prayers on our behalf. We also pray for you.

Dan and Donna

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