Crossworldd - Our Second Visit

May 26, 2016 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

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Our Second Visit

With the lights turned very dim, some incense smoldering on a table, the sound system playing some soft familiar Christian music in French, we started at 9,30pm.

Walter, their leader seemed a bit defensive this time and went into a long introduction telling his story of being trained by a famous medium in Milan. After a prayer, he started reading form their textbook which is a collection of communications from the spirits.

For an hour I prayed God would give me an inroad into the ongoing conversation which seemed to exclude the material I had prepared. At some point the text mentioned that all spirits, both in animals and humans, need to atone for their sins.

“I understand you say that you belong to Christianity –I started- and I know Christ claimed to be the atoning sacrifice for our sin. On the Cross He declared that our debt before God was paid in full, once and for all!”

Some retorted it was unlikely He had made that claim. “So who atones your sins?” I asked. Unfazed, several members spoke up, “We do! It would be too simple”. Their claim hung in the air for a few seconds.

“This is not the Good News –I insisted- that the disciples preached after the Resurrection”. The conversation continued for close to two hours as I listened, prayed silently and spoke of the Gospel as clearly as I know.

Several positives came out of the evening. I spoke of the Gospel clearly and firmly as I should. One of the members was impressed by how I could speak so simply of Christ’s words. As I spoke of the Joy of God’s Grace and freedom, I could see he was intrigued. They asked of my personal times with God and decided I was also a “medium”. This man, after the meeting asked me for my email.

The young man who introduced me to this group read me a prayer he had written in the morning to God asking for the Holy Spirit to guide him. Full of Scriptural references, it was truly amazing. Today I saw him individually and told Him that if he is praying this way, God will lead him to Christ. I also promised I would take his prayer and use it to pray regularly that he would come to Christ alone…

Would you join us in this spiritual battle? Every heart stuck in the claws of Satan is precious to God. There is a struggle for every soul. Evil was palpable in that basement last night, so is the Light God wants to shine to bring many more into the life of Christ. You know all of this, and thank you for standing with us.

Dan and Donna

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