CRU Update - December 2013

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Dear Wake Chapel Partners,                                                                       December 5, 2013

We hope you were encouraged after readingholleman1252013 in our last prayer letter how the Lord is moving among professors and grad students here at Penn State. As we shared last month, the Lord is giving us opportunities as a team to impact many more professors and grad students than we have in the past. However, it is simply not about the numbers. It never is. It's about individual lives. It's about one person seeing his life captured and transformed by Christ and then seeing that happen again and again in many people's lives. In fact, here are the stories of two people where God has been working powerfully this past semester.

"I used to experience quite a bit of depression. And I've learned that God's Word is the only thing that can provide any real comfort." These words were spoken by Kevin (not his real name), one of the professors in our weekly lunchtime peer group a few weeks ago. We've gathered almost every Tuesday to study passages of the Bible-Old Testament and New-and to consider how each passage points us to Christ. In sharing those words, Kevin took an –incredible step of faith to share this part of his life with the rest of us. Generally a somewhat shy and reserved person, he described what many in academia experience; the desire for validation as a respected scholar, effective teacher, loving husband, and loyal friend are ultimately all dead-ends, apart from Christ. His vulnerability changed the tone of the whole group and encouraged other professors to open up more about their lives. His comments also reflected a greater level of compassion for his colleagues that the Lord has been growing in his heart. Having recently earned tenure, Kevin shared yesterday that he would like to come alongside new professors, minister to them, and point them to Christ as their one true hope in the really hard years of working towards tenure.

Kristin (not her real name) is a first year grad student that we met back in August. Her parents recently became Christians and encouraged her to find some sort of faith group when she arrived at Penn State. Kristin came to our first weekly meeting and has been there almost every time. She also joined a venture group-our introductory small group Bible study for first year students. Kristin now has become a Christ-follower. She has made major life changes and has surrendered major areas of her life to Christ. And she has started to tell her friends about Jesus. It has been such a joy to watch the Lord completely change her life. But, perhaps the sweetest thing to watch is how tender Kristin's heart has become. During the talks at our weekly meetings, she is deeply moved-often to tears. Her whole countenance is one of joy. I can tell you, it's not the greatness of the speaker that she is responding to. It's the greatness of the gospel-the true forgiveness, peace, joy, hope, and life that she has found in Christ. Kristin has a glorious future and a sure hope that she didn't have a couple of months ago.

As you can imagine, we are so grateful for all that the Lord is doing in and through Kevin's life and Kristin's life as well as the lives of many other professors and grad students we have been given the privilege of ministering: we are so excited to continue joining God as He uses each of their lives to point others toward Christ.

To be able to do so fully and without constraint, we need to develop $8000 in additional funding to meet our end of the year budget goals. As you consider your year-end giving, would you prayerfully consider giving a special gift to help meet our need? If you do decide to give, please use the enclosed envelope with a check written to "Cru", or you can give at

Thank you for partnering with us to minister to Kevin, Kristin, and other professors and grad students to help bring the hope of Christ to our whole campus and to the whole world.

With love and deep appreciation,

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