Dan and Donna Standridge - Summer Heat! 2015

August 21, 2015 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

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Dear Friends,

Having survived the hottest summer in 40 years, we are enjoying the first thundershowers on the Alps, which move cooler air down into the Milan lowlands.

This week we will travel to the Conference Center in central Italy for it’s last summer events: a family conference and a week long seminar on Christian Counseling, which Dan will teach.

Please pray for 15 students who signed up and were accepted for the course. After many years of church-planting, discipleship, private counseling in our office in Milan, and speaking in seminars all over Italy, we have decided to step up to the task of training others in this specific topic. As you know, offering to “help” a person in need is already a solemn endeavor. Training others to do so is even more sobering.

Some courses on Christian Counseling exist in Italy but the results have been very poor. Most of the graduates from these programs insist they will never be able to help others. What they received was mainly information on the many different problems people may have and theoretical solutions.

Taking the students on a slightly different track, we will present the basic personal characteristics that those who help others need to develop. We hope our students (10 women and 5 men) will learn biblical truth, and experience the benefits of self-disclosure, finding that God’s Grace bears upon them first of all.

Pray for wisdom and God’s Spirit to teach and guide us in every way. That many in this class of believers from different parts of Italy, will grow personally and in helpfulness to others.

On the home front: being stretched a bit, Lucia is working as an au-pair for an Italian family who lives in London for a month. Pray for all the special skills she needs and possibly more work for her until she goes off to college in January.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Knowing God Himself has placed us here for these extraordinary times and opportunities, and that you have chosen to be a crucial part of it, we pray for you and thank you deeply. Without your support we could never be here. Without God’s work in all of us, no Hope, Life and deep Change could be possible or imaginable.

Because of Jesus who initiated it all,

Dan and Donna

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