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Dear Friends,

Seen but not heard!

Last month, Donna spoke to about 80 women at the annual retreat at the Isola Conference Center on how to carve out personal times with God and also establish a group of three ladies to regularly share their spiritual progress. “A Moment of Silence, Please!” seemed like a good title for the conference.

Here is some of the feedback she received at the end of the weekend,

“I’m so happy I came to the retreat! Ladies from my home church asked me to share what we learned at Isola and we want to form groups of three and read the Bible together!”

“Thank you so much for the times of sharing your personal walk with God, they were like pearls! It was wonderful! We all needed to rediscover how to have personal times with God!”

Somewhat apologetically, one young mom came to Donna and explained “Thank you so much for your talks, Donna! I was so relieved! I almost didn’t come because your title scared me. In our church we hear that women should be quiet in church and at home. I thought you were going to teach on our "Biblical roles"! It was great to understand how meaningful our times with God can become!”

In times like these, we are made aware of how many believers live in an oppressive environment in their home churches. Our greater ministry here is to bring a breath of fresh air to men and women who often forget how rich our life in Christ is!

Not Seen but Heard!

In Dan’s last visit to the Arab speaking church in Milan, which we helped establish some years ago, a leader in the group shared of the exiting conference he had been to in Germany. A large group of Arab church leaders had met to launch a two-year project to pray specifically for Europe. Their commitment is to pray intensely that Europe will know how to resist the advance of Muslim pressures on all aspects of society.

Having escaped untold persecution in their home countries, Arab believers are a silent minority who are sensitive to needs most Europeans don’t even see. Understanding the power of prayer, they are a force before God and a blessing to this dark and spiritually dead continent . The apostle Paul taught believers to pray everywhere that freedom would persist so that the Gospel could be preached effectively! So God’s work expands today by the commitment of these believers we served in the past.

On the home front:

With school over, our schedules change a bit. Waiting to join the Freshman Class at Liberty University, Lucia is preparing her senior year final exams: a 5-day comprehensive test on her courses covering the last two years! Priscilla and Lydia continue their university assignments through the summer. Elisa played in her soccer tournament final this weekend, winning the championship and has scored 4 goals this season!

Donna and I have some more conferences to teach at Isola, counseling in the office through through July, and hopefully a couple of weeks of vacation “off the grid” in August.

Thank you for your prayers and personal support. Next summer we will be able to see many of you! For now, please, continue to pray we will be effective as we disciple Italian believers while we pray that you will be strong in your every day service of our wonderful Lord.

Seen and Heard, every day!

Dan and Donna

Serving in Italy with Crossworld

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