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Crossworld_logoDear Friends,

On June 20th Donna, Lucia, Elisa and I arrived in Birmingham, AL to start our home ministry! After two beautiful weeks with Donna’s parents and family we began our travels eastward. We went all the way to Philadelphia, stopping along the way to visit several churches and friends, sharing stories from our last three years in Milan and being refreshed daily by so many people.

We then sprinted to Kansas City, Crossworld’s new headquarters for a week of training and debriefing. We were planning to “settle” in Warsaw, IN and visit more churches and friends in the Midwest for the month of August before making our way back to Milan in September.

Almost every day we have also talked with Dan’s family back in Rome. Since his mom, 89 years old and apparently very healthy, had been diagnosed with leukemia in early February and given only 2 to 3 month to live, we knew our plans could change any day.

In the early hours of August 3, in a motel in Quincy, IL, we received the news: Mom had gone to heaven, her truest home. While not a shock, sadness fills us completely. And also the deep awareness, which comes from a different part of our heart, that all is well. We who are left behind loose something precious. One of my daughters wrote on the Hotel stationary that morning:

Doesn’t get better than home,
Now does it?
I wanna be where
Your heart is – Home.

I’m flying to Rome tomorrow. All my siblings will be there. Sunday’s funeral will be pretty massive as Mom was well known and loved after 60+ years of a very public ministry. Then, I’ll stay with my dad for a few weeks to help him with the transition to a “single” life. My greatest sadness is for him who has lost the most loyal and true partner a man could find.

Donna will continue the trip in the midwest and return to Alabama in the next weeks. In September and October, I’ll come back for some more meetings out in Colorado Springs and in Indiana as we really want to see many of you. All this comes in the midst of a great summer or celebrating what God is doing in us and through us in Milan. So much to share and rejoice!

Thank you for your partnership and prayers. Keep in touch as we try to reach many of you in this unusual summer.

Yours in Christ,

Dan and Donna

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