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Dear Wake Chapel Family,

We trust that you have had a blessed time celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! The Hilton Baptist Church gathered together on Thursday night for a half night of prayer. We meditated, prayed, praised the Lord as we followed the sequence of events from the Last Supper to the arrest of Jesus. On Friday morning the community of faith gathered again to celebrate the death of Christ on our behalf. Our Easter celebration concluded with a Sunday morning service focusing on the resurrection. Following the service, three ladies were baptized. It was awesome!

Hesman4-2015-1Mentoring 101

It is finished... I sometimes find myself painting...No, not a Picasso,.. a wall. I think it clears my mind, possibly it is one of those things I can see to completion...The wall is dirty, ugly,...a fresh coat of paint, a new color,..it is like new. Easy, no issues, just painting a room...the sense of accomplishment is real, complete...Mentoring is up and down, when teaching, sometimes the light comes on, other times, there is a real struggle before even seeing a glimmer. Painting, pick the color, clean the wall , and paint,...simple...walls are easy; people, well, they are complicated. Then again, walls will need to be painted again, ...investment in people, the dividends are eternal.

Hesman 4-2015-2
NT Introduction and Interpretation .. Technology.. Internship ..Missions .. all for the glory of God!

As the new term begins, Paul will begin teaching New Testament Introduction and Interpretation and Romans. Both are exciting modules as NT Introduction begins to open the doors to exegesis of the Scripture. It is thrilling to see the students learn basic rules of interpretation and then apply these to a critical book of the Bible like Romans. He is looking forward to a time of stretching the students in God's Word.

The students were also recently "stretched" in technology as a former student of Paul's came to present a video editing program workshop. It is good to see the students challenged in a variety of disciplines learning to use them for God's glory.

Please continue to pray for Ayanda as he continues his internship through his studies and at the same time, service in a variety of ministries. This Easter weekend, he is one of the guest speakers at a three-day celebration of Jesus Christ. Please pray for God's work in his life and for Paul as he guides him in this internship.

Also, pray for Hilton Baptist as we have a missions' Saturday...a day to serve and communicate the Gospel in a variety of ways in our communities. We will have a team visit a local orphanage, another group will play soccer with homeless boys in the inner city, a team will help with a Children's Bible club in a Zulu area, and the final team will build a jungle gym for a Zulu preschool. Our prayer is that many of our people at church will be involved and begin finding their niche in serving in our community. Where does the passion of your heart intersect with the needs of your community for the cause of Christ?

The Hesman Kids

Our boys, Joshua and Michael, are doing well, enjoying sports and school. Soccer season is beginning soon so they are especially happy. They are happy to be on their Easter break.

We had a special celebration last month. We returned to Durban to Crossroads Baptist so that Joshua could be baptized. Joshua came to know Christ in the context of Crossroads, so when he wanted to be baptized, he asked if he could be baptized by his Dad in Durban with the many folk that were significant in him coming to Christ. Wow, too special! We praise the Lord for God's work in the life of our Joshua.

Hesman 4-2015-3
Absolutely Amazing..

Our daughter, Kathryn, is still doing well studying law an UNC-Chapel Hill. She is finding it all very challenging, but thankful for the privilege to study. We were praying for an opportunity for her to work in an internship that would allow her to get experience, make a bit of money, as well as come to South Africa during her summer break. Quite a list! God provided, as He always does. She will be working as a research assistant for a UNC Law professor for the summer. She is researching the impact of the changes in the Law since South Africa had its first free democratic elections in 1994. Who at the Law School would be more qualified than she for the position!? She can do this research anywhere which means she can also spend a few weeks in South Africa. How amazing is that?! Our God is good!

Her exams are coming up soon. Please pray for her as she prepares for and takes these exams. Also, she will spend a month or more in Chapel Hill working on the internship and would like to find a part time job to supplement her income. Please pray for an additional job or internship.

Mashaka Primary SchoolHesman 4-2015-4

Where is Jesus?
Penny is still enjoying the opportunities for ministry she has at Mashaka Primary. Let her tell you about one experience..I am in a classroom with 10 Zulu fourth graders...delightful children, all struggling with their English. We just focused for the past week on a book about space. We learned vocabulary, looked at a model of the solar system, talked about space, space shuttle, ....As we looked at a picture from the book about Neil Armstrong on the moon, the children were fascinated that someone had actually been to the moon and walked there...One little girl, Minenhle, asked me in her best English,..."Ma, He go up there?" I replied "Yes, he and other astronauts have gone into space." She continued, "You go there?" I smiled and said, "No my sweet, I have not gone there." Not fully satisfied, she inquired, "You take me there?" A bit amused, I responded, "No Minenhle, I am not an astronaut, I will not be going to space, but you could one day, ...you have to study and go to school to prepare." Then THE question came, with a perplexed look on her face she asked, "Where is Jesus?" She knew he is bigger than anything, and "heaven" is always "Phezulu",..."up"...What is further "up" than space?...."Jesus"...best lesson of the day!

Just this past week, Penny was able to go to each class and share the resurrection story...the true meaning of Easter. Since the children's English skills are growing, Penny asked the teachers to translate. Her Zulu is very limited but she could hear the story well as the teachers spoke in Zulu. The children listened and took in each word. Please pray that the seed of the gospel would begin to grow in these children. It was awesome to see the teachers excited as they translated the story of Jesus.

During this Easter season, let us remember Jesus words to the disciples after His resurrection, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." Thank you for your part in sending us to share the gospel with the people of South Africa!

Please praise the Lord with us for...

  • Kathryn's summer internship
  • Joshua's baptism
  • the many opportunities to help students develop into leaders at the Bible College
  • the open door at Mashaka Primary for Penny to share Jesus with both the teachers and the children.

Please pray with us for...

  • Paul, as he teaches NT Introduction and Interpretation and Romans at the Bible College as well as mentors numerous students
  • Penny, as she continues to share Christ in the Primary school
  • Ayanda, as he continues with his internship and studies
  • Kathryn, as she takes her exams and begins her internship in May
  • Our family, as we have time together when Kathryn visits
  • Hilton Baptist, as we have a missions outreach day on the 18th of April
  • God's hand in the lives our children, especially Kathryn as she continues her studies living far from home.

Blessings in Christ,

Paul, Penny, Kathryn, Joshua, and Michael Hesman

Our mailing address is:
Synergy Leadership
P. O. Box 267
Hilton, KZN 3245
South Africa


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