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Dear Wake Chapel Family,
During summer, we know you have enjoyed the fresh fruit of the season...God has impressed on our hearts to pray for you and our family that we would be filled with the fruits of righteousness as God's love abounds in us all..

"And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment; That ye may approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ. Being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God." Philippians 1: 9-11

hesman 7-15-1Alive and in person!

Kathryn is here!! Twelve months of Skype, texting and emails…so thankful for all those modes of communication but nothing can beat “in person”. Kathryn is in South Africa for four weeks. Seeing old friends, meeting new friends, family time, a retreat to the beach, soccer games with her brothers, a hike with the Wildebeast and Zebra all have made these moments in time memorable. On the 23rd of July, she returns to UNC Chapel Hill for her second year of law school. She has done extremely well thus far in her studies and we are thankful.

She has interviews at law firms for next year's internship already scheduled . Please pray for these interviews, two of which are on August 3rd. We are praying that God will open the right opportunity for her for next summer. He was faithful in making a way for her internship for this summer and we know He will do the same for her 2016 internship. Thank you for your continued prayers on her behalf.

hesman 7-15-2Tackling Without Fear

The boys are enjoying their break from school and time with their sister. Soccer was a highlight for both boys this term, especially Joshua as he was able to do a winter tour with the first team to Durban, quite a privilege and a lot of fun. Michael has proven to be a formable rugby player much to his mom’s chagrin. He tackles without fear in the game and seems to apply that to daily life as he often tries to take his dad down with a full force tackle! We were able to take our young adult Bible study group and our family to a provincial rugby game in the new stadium in Durban, quite a treat and Michael was truly inspired as he spent the next day tackling his brother!

hesman 7-15-3Crossroads

During Kathryn’s stay, we made our way one Sunday to Crossroads Baptist, our church in Durban. Some of you have visited us there. This is where Kathryn spent most of her teenage years. It was good to see Pastor Dennis and his family (he is a grandpa now!). Paul had the opportunity to preach. The church is still meeting in the same community hall. Many of the same folk are there, growing in the Lord. The teens are now finishing College and starting their families. Lots of new faces are evident…I think some key signs of a healthy church are the love of the people, the consistency of Biblical teaching, and the contagious spiritual growth of the church family. These signs are very evident at Crossroads and we give God the glory. Please pray for Pastor Dennis, he still has numerous health issues though he is faithful in spite of these challenges.

hesman 7-15-4“I need help”…

The challenges at Mashaka Primary continue but the opportunities grow. Our new principal seems to be eager to lead the school well but is struggling with some management skills. He asked Penny about finding someone to mentor him. Now this seems like a small request, but for a Zulu man to ask help from anyone, especially a woman, is quite huge. Pray for Penny as she looks for a Christian man who has had experience in school management that can mentor Mr. Zuma. Pray for Mr. Zuma’s salvation as well. Most of the teachers she works with have made a commitment to Christ and are realizing how that impacts their teaching. Teaching is no longer a job but a calling. Penny continues to share the Gospel in the classroom. Please continue to pray for the mentoring of these teachers and that Christ would be preeminent in this school.

hesman 7-15-5Hope for the hopeless...

Alex, a young troubled teenager, looking for purpose in life….he was in “isolation” at LIV, a Christian school/orphanage in Durban. His behavior was offensive, intolerable…his life in shambles…Mark, a friend from church is in the leadership at LIV, asked if Ayanda, our intern, could assist at LIV during his college break. His mandate was to try to help this teenager who seemed beyond help.. . Ayanda had a difficult life growing up, he understands the hopelessness without Christ for these teenagers. Ayanda has lived with this young man for three weeks in the same home. He was with him day and night. Through prayer, tough love, mutual respect, and immersing Alex in the word of God,..this young man is turning around. He gave his heart to Christ and is learning to interact with others in a positive way. We give God the glory for the way He has used Ayanda. Ayanda has returned from LIV and is back at his studies. He is in our home daily as Paul builds into his life. Please pray for him as God directs his paths.

We need wisdom…

We are requesting prayer for wisdom concerning our role at the Union Bible Institute. Since UBI is almost entirely Zulu, historically, the educational standards and expectations have been extremely low. This is due to the apartheid system that separated the different races and mandated an educational framework for them that perpetuated low standards of learning. Consequently, many who came to study could only cope with minimal standards. When we arrived, we knew this but we realized, in the democratic South Africa, this cannot continue. Education needs to be excellent for everyone. Paul is very cognizant of the need to improve facilities, curriculum, and standards. He has been instrumental in bringing technology into the classroom and establishing a computer lab. He has been an advocate for bridging courses to help those who are struggling instead of keeping a low academic standard. He keeps his standards in his classroom high but manageable and is quick to meet with students who want to learn but are struggling. He has been active in all these areas, even spending his school breaks by cleaning classrooms, upgrading technology, and preparing his courses for online studies. The leadership is reluctant to move forward and we are finding our insistence to improve the standards to be met by the leadership with disdain. There has been some tension. Please pray as we seek God’s direction for our future here at the Union Bible Institute.

Thank you again for your faithfulness in praying and giving. We truly praise the Lord for each of you! We thank our "God upon every remembrance of you!"

Please praise the Lord with us for..
  • The request for a mentor for the principal, Mr. Zuma, at Mashaka.
  • God’s impact on Spencer through Ayanda.
  • Opportunities for Paul to teach and serve at Hilton Baptist and UBI.
  • The growth and health of Crossroads Baptist Church.
  • A wonderful visit with Kathryn.
  • A successful first year of law school for Kathryn.
Please pray for..
  • Wisdom concerning our future at UBI.
  • Continued work in Spencer’s life.
  • Ayanda, as he studies and serves under Paul’s leadership.
  • A mentor for Mr. Zuma, Mashaka’s principal.
  • Pastor Dennis’ health to improve.
  • Safety for Kathryn as she travels and strength as she tackles her second year at UNC.
  • Kathryn’s upcoming internship interviews.
  • Our family, that we would all walk closely with our Saviour.

Blessings in Christ,

Paul, Penny, Kathryn, Joshua, and Michael Hesman


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