Holleman Cru News - Fall '13

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holleman 9-13-1Thank you so much for your prayers and financial gifts for our summer assignment in Colorado. Heather and I were reflecting on our time in Colorado a few nights ago. We both shared that it was our best summer ever as a family! Here are some "postcards" from each of us to tell you more about it. We are so grateful for each and every one of you!

holleman 9-13-5My main assignment this summer was to complete three seminary classes offered through Cru's Institute of Biblical Studies. I took a class on apologetics, a class on worldviews and a class on the doctrines of humanity, Christ,and salvation. All three classes prepared me to be much more effective in responding to the intellectual and philosophical questions and concerns that grad students and professors often bring up. My class on worldviews was especially practical. The final project required me to interview three people I knew to find out how they would answer the big questions of life (such as "What is God like?" and "What does it mean to be human?") .I interviewed a grad student who had shared earlier in the year that he was an atheist. We had a great conversation! The student enjoyed the conversation so much that he asked if we could talk more when I returned home. I am emailing him next week to set up another time to meet. I can't wait to talk more with him!


holleman 9-13-3My adventure this summer was a blast. I did not get sick, other than the altitude sickness (thank you for your prayers). Abby and I (the girl on the left) raised money for Burkina Faso, a small country in Africa. I went hiking in the Rocky Mountains. Kate, Mom and I flew in an airplane to get to Colorado because of school graduation. The best part of the summer was my new friend Abby! When Abby hung out with me, we had so much fun. We laughed, we cried, we made tiny stuffed animals. On the way home, Abby and I got to ride together for the first two days. I rode in her car one day; she rode in my car the next. We listened to Adventures in Odyssey, Novacom. For those of you who love Odyssey, it is sooooooooo shocking.


holleman 9-13-4I (Heather) enjoyed such a refreshing summer! I designed a presentation for leaders about what it means to be "seated in Christ" from Ephesians 2, and I spent the majority of my summer thinking through this wonderful reality. I shared how when we live as if we already have a place at the table, we stop performing so hard. We stop comparing ourselves. We stop feeling inferior, or, on the flip side, superior to people. I loved thinking through this chapter of Ephesians! I also learned how to edit film and make a promotional video for Christians professors who might serve overseas for 2 week mission trips to teach, share the gospel, and help local Cru movements in places like Central Asia and France. I realized the incredible power of professors who have access to campuses that are otherwise closed to Christians. These professors allow Cru to launch new ministries because they build relationships with universities in these locations. I hope that one day we can send many professors overseas to share their expertise and pave the way for the gospel message! When I wasn't working on film editing, I had a great time with Sarah and Kate as we hiked in the mountains and enjoyed nature. We made great meals together, spent time with friends, and supported Ashley as he studied for his exams. We also spent quality time with Ashley's parents! It was so fun to show them around Ft. Collins and let them experience the National Staff Conference. With all those people worshiping Jesus in the big stadium, we experienced God afresh .


holleman 9-13-6I had the best summer ever. I liked all the hiking that we did. The first weekend we hiked to the Horsetooth Reservoir waterfall. On the hike, Dad almost stepped on a rattlesnake! We stopped, Mom made the snake go away by throwing a rock at it, and then we kept going. Every week we went to the City Park Pool with our Kids Camp. I went down an almost vertical slide. It was fun! For the Kids Camp, Mom and Dad bought me my first Bible. It's in the shape of a purse! I love it! The best part of the summer was my friend, Landry. We hung out with each other all the time! And guess what God did?! We took the same trip back for the first two days. I got to ride with Landry the whole time for those two days.


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