Merry Christmas from the Standridges

January 3, 2015 | by: Dan & Donna Standridge | 0 comments

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Dear Friends,

May this season bring to your home wonderful times of Joy, family reunions, happy reflections and the awareness God is at work in you and around you!

Just a few weeks ago a man in our church made a point to come to my office to say, “When we came to your Sunday morning service last year I was done with religion. I had decided to drop off my wife and kids and go to a coffee shop and read a paper. Since it was their first time, at the last minute I decided to come in.”

Mario (I changed his name) was the man we told you about last summer who was “on religion number 4” as he had been raised a Catholic, married a woman who was a Jehova’s Witness who had later left him, and then married his present wife involved in a very closed and belligerent church.

“As I sat in your service and then continued to come—he added—I found peace and a level of love I had never seen before. I felt welcomed and finally understood what Jesus did for me and I’m so glad I stayed. The way you showed us love practically, I didn’t think possible or I had never seen before. I will never forget it!” I saw in his eyes the same Joy I’ve seem many times in people who meet Jesus and His very Good News.

As we work in family conferences, seminars, church events, small groups and counseling session, it is amazing when individuals put words to that unique somber, and at the same time, disarming appreciation for how deeply and completely Christ has provided for their Salvation and life transformation.

You, through encouragement, financial support and prayers, make it possible for us to see and be part, as if we were sitting on the first row in a spectacular show, in God’s work in Milan and Italy.

This year, we’ve also had many visitors. So come over and be part of what God is doing here. Come and see us! We’ll make you a bed!

Donna and I are getting closer to that almost-empty-nesters phase of life. Priscilla is finishing her PhD and living on her own. Lydia is in University in Milan, Lucia is applying to Colleges in the US. The “almost” part of the empty-nester “thing” is Elisa who is eight years old and a total joy. She has joined a soccer team and is doing great! She even scored a goal in her second game!

Drop us a note when you can. Many, many thanks for all you do for us! Have a Merry Christmas!

Dan, Donna and the girls

[webmaster's note: This came in before Christmas but was lost in the rush. Apologies for being late.]

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