News From Paul and Penny Hesman - May 2013

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Dear Wake Chapel

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith." Romans 1:16-17

Thank you for joining us in sharing Christ around the world!

It is a beautiful day here in South Africa…we are entering fall after a wonderful yet hot summer! The leaves do not color as beautifully as in North Carolina or Virginia, but the chill in the air reminds us still that change has come.

We love you, pray for you, and praise the Lord for you!

Hesman_May131As you know, Paul has been teaching a variety of courses at the Bible College. Everything from Doctrine, New Testament survey to Greek….What an exciting platform in developing pastors and teachers of God’s Word!! He has been asked to head the New Testament department of the college which is quite a task and yet a brilliant opportunity to refine and enhance this area of study for those preparing for ministry. Please pray for him as he evaluates and refines this program of study in addition to teaching, mentoring, and preaching.

Hesman_May132What a wonderful time of reunion we had with Crossroads Community Baptist. This is the church plant in Durban in which we were ministering before moving in 2009. It was a joy to preach at the special meetings during Easter. So many old friends still serving our Lord and many new faces of those who have come to know Christ… We praise the Lord for all that He continues to do at Crossroads! Please continue to pray for Pastor Dennis and the dear folk at Crossroads.

Hesman_May137Paul is leading the missions committee at Hilton Baptist Church. It is a tremendous opportunity to help the church to become more missions focused. As a church, we are planning a couple of mission trips within southern Africa, one to a Christian camp in a rural area outside of Johannesburg in September and one to Swaziland or Mozambique in 2014. Pray with us that God will use Paul and this missions’ team to help the people of HBC become more missional. They need to realize and embrace their own mission to share Christ daily as well as the responsibility to proclaim the Gospel to the entire world!

Hesman_May136Freshman students have arrived and we have twelve students that we are requested to mentor. In addition to these twelve, there are numerous ones who come over often to chat about God’s word and their lives.
Siphesihle is one of these young men. He has just begun Bible College. In March, he developed a couple of small boils on his head. When those went away, he started having pain and weakness. In spite of these health issues, he continued with school and work until his health forced him into the hospital. His faith is strong, but his health has deteriorated to the point that he struggles to walk! He tries to walk everyday but this is only possible with the aid of a walker…he is only in his early twenties! Due to the government system of health care, he is on a waiting list for a MRI to determine the problem. Please pray for him. Through all of this, his faith in God, determination to study and his love for his Saviour has not wavered.

Hesman_May133We praise the Lord for the opportunities He orchestrates! Penny has begun the literacy training at Mashaka Primary School. She goes into this school three mornings a week, providing resources and training teachers in pedagogical strategies. She also works with two groups of children each of these mornings. Through this, not only is she able to build the English literacy of the students and enhance the teaching methods of the teachers, but she has rich opportunities to share Christ. Not many people outside of the community come into disadvantaged schools like Mashaka. By coming to the school to volunteer, a statement of God’s love is being demonstrated. Then conversations and relationships begin developing with the students and teachers. Jesus and His love is often the topic of discussion. At Easter, a gospel of John written in Zulu was given to each of the teachers. This is a long-term project of empowering teachers, loving students, and sharing the love of Christ to a community.

Hesman_May135We are so excited to share about the computer lab on the Bible College campus. (Remember, these are the computers that God provided after the robbery in Port Elizabeth.) It is up and running, already being used by the on-campus students as a training center for them. This week we begin the outreach component of the computer lab. Teachers from a local Zulu primary school will begin coming on Fridays for a computer class. This is a government school that is in an extremely disadvantaged area. What a wonderful opportunity to not only empower them with computer skills but to share the Gospel. They will also be attending these classes on the Bible college campus, exposing them to a Christian community and the opportunities to study the Bible! Please pray that God will impact many through this avenue of sharing Christ.

Hesman_May134We were richly blessed by having Penny’s parents, John and Judy come visit us. A change of scenery from Virginia! Having extended family nearby is a real gift… Michael said, “I just love my papa and gramma.” While they were here they not only showered the grandkids with love and attention but also ministered at the Bible College. Dad stayed busy helping with mowing and fix-it projects. His daily walks around campus became one of the highlights for the students as he chatted with them and they taught him a bit of Zulu. Mom was a tremendous help in the home, with the boys and housework. She helped prepare teaching aids for the primary classes at Mashaka. She also gave her testimony at a students’ wives meeting. The question everyone asked as they left,… “When are you coming back!?”



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