Pioneers Prayer Update - August 2017

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pioneer logoTo our dear Prayer Partners,

This morning I was meditating on Matthew 21 and verse 22 caused me to call out  to God for more faith in prayer. It says, "whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith". It is God's will that we continually kneel in His presence,  calling on Him in prayer. Please pray with us for the Chwea people. Pray that  God will soon bring whole families to Himself.

Two weeks ago,  Martha had breakfast with her friend, “Susan Miller”. The next day her son, who driving three times over the speed limit and without a helmet, was killed in a motorcycle accident.  Martha and I went to see his body laying upstairs in our  friends home. We cried with and comforted his parents in the best way we knew how, But the hopelessness of a Mslm funeral is surreal, as they neither seem to grieve nor have hope. Numbness is a better description. The words of comfort given to their parents by most are: "your son was not meant to live any longer, it was his time according to Allah's will". There was simply a fatal acceptance of his death being pre-determined although he tempted death by reckless driving. The after life is looked at the same way. Whether he went to hell or heaven is not to be known by us, but only to be accepted as Allah's determined decision. Pray for our people here, our friends, to find Jesus so that they can know the way and they can grieve, with hope, at future funerals. Privately, one on one, we still get many opportunities to share the good news. But, in spite of their typical admission that they have little hope of forgiveness of sins and little hope to gain enough merit to go to Heaven, they typically cannot see how God  could or would allow Jesus to pay the price for our sins and thus placing His righteousness on us. God's righteousness come upon us is the power and awe  of the gospel(Rom. 1:16-17). Pray with us for Spiritual breakthrough of blinded eyes. 

Michael and Sallie and kids are stateside right now wrangling out visa issues for working in country. Zach and Tilly have just relocated to Greenville, SC. where Tina got a job working with legal refugees with "World Relief" while Zach’s work was happy to transfer him there. We are so thankful for how God so graciously continues to provide for  our kids with jobs and with education costs for Ned and Malachi who are still in  college. He has given us so much and beyond what we have even asked for. Thanks for continuing to hold our kids up in prayer also.

Samuel is the teacher of Arabic language and is an assistant in his local mosque, I have spoken about before. He came to visit a few weeks ago and told me that he was not sleeping and the doctor had prescribed sleeping pills. We looked together at Phil. 3:6-7 and he took a picture of this page in Scripture with his smart phone telling me that he wanted to follow this prescription for his problem. He wanted me to pray with him and he left. A couple of days later I passed him on the road and he stopped and told me that he was  sleeping and he was praying for this. Please continue to pray for Samuel’s salvation as his heart continues to be open.

APioneer8-171nother man named Omar recently prayed with us to give his life to Christ.  We have not been able to follow up yet, as he lives in a different Mslm village from our's and the context is one in which his neighbors and his family are against our presence there. So pray for creative ways that we could follow up with Omar and encourage him in his new life in Jesus.

In our youth Bible study, we have been studying the life of Jesus for the last month and the truths of Jesus being eternally the Word of God, the Son of God, and God come to be with us are coming out in these stories. These truths are very freeing to the yearning heart, a few of our regular Mslm youth have either stopped attending or are not willing to interact with these stories. Pioneer8-17-2But a few of them continue to come to listen and are really understanding the good news that God wants to know them, walk with them, and forgive them of their sins. In a very strict life of religious rules, these truths are water to a thirsty soul. Please continue to lift up Neil, Vanna, Isaia, Fred, and Robert.

Pray for us to faithfully persevere and not grow weary in doing well. We trust God will reap His harvest in His time.

So thankful for your kneeling with us, 

“Alan and Martha"

(Note: Names and locations have been changed for reasons of security.)


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