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Has It Been a Year Already?

Posted onNovember 18, 2018 | 0 comments

One year ago today, we moved into our newly completed education wing. What a day of excitement as we furnished and decorated our brand new Sunday School classrooms and gave thanks for God’s provision through the planning and construction! As we continue to fulfill our Journey of Faith pledges, we thank you for your sacrificial giving and your faithfulness....Keep Reading

Jaki and a Toothbrush - A Shoebox Story

Posted onNovember 19, 2017 | by: Seth Carter | 0 comments

A shoebox recipient’s account of how a simple gift made an eternal impact. I’ve never met my birth mother. People at the orphanage told me that she brought me there when I was a few months old. At the orphanage in Guatemala, the caretakers provided for our basic needs. They taught us, fed us, and clothed us, but their lim-ited resources meant that we ate a steady diet of rice and beans and wore whatever clothes were available, no matter what the size. I don’t remember us having any combs or brushes. We did have a toothbrush...Keep Reading