Pastor's Pen


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How real Heaven was to so many of the saints of bygone days! Think of the songs that have long been a part of our heritage....Keep Reading

Rx for Saints

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Have you ever noticed how many people are on some kind of medication? If it isn't a prescription drug then some over-the- counter nostrum. Some work, some don't. Often the doctors are not sure which is which....Keep Reading

Why Youth Ministry?

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Why do we even have this thing called "Youth Ministry?" Is it really so important that a church should hire someone to solely work with that group of people? I mean, we don't have a pastor for senior adults, or for little kids either. Youth ministry isn't even something the Bible talked about, is it?...Keep Reading

What Is A Deacon?

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A deacon is someone pretty much like me and like you. They cannot walk on water; they have foibles and peccadilloes, strengths and weaknesses. In short, deacons are human beings....Keep Reading

The Lord's Supper - July 2013

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LORD'S SUPPER We do not believe in "closed communion" here at Wake Chapel. It is the Lord's Table and He is the host, but this is a solemn occasion and we want to remember certain things as we come to it....Keep Reading

"Our Nation and Our Homes"

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Francis Jane (Fanny} Crosby authored many of our favorite hymns. Though blind, almost from birth she had the keen ability to see and discern life's most important issues. Her words are worth repeating as we celebrate this July 4th. I hope you will read them thoughtfully....Keep Reading

Marriage - God's Style

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A nationally known psychiatrist said, "There is little or no happiness in ninety percent of American homes!" The number of divorces is almost equal to the number of marriages today. Over seventy-five percent of all teenage marriages terminate in a court room. An undetermined number of young people are so disillusioned with marriage that they no longer even consider it a desirable option. For many people marriage is really nothing more than an "armed truce." What once was holy wedlock has become in the words of Oscar Faust nothing but an "unholy deadlock."...Keep Reading

Thinking About Fathers

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Brother, son, uncle, cousin...all titles given to men depending on family situations. As wonderful as these titles and the relationships they represent, there is another which supersedes all other designations. It's “dad.” When my children were growing up they always called me "daddy." Somewhere in their college years I became simply "dad."...Keep Reading


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Statistics tell us that more people are married in June than in any other month. So, we extend hearty congratulations to those who celebrate anniversaries this month. As we see so many June weddings and lovely brides, why not allow this to serve as a wonderful reminder to all of us who are married - of the vows we have taken. Do you recall the promises of your wedding day? ...Keep Reading

What God Has Joined Together - Matthew 19:6

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The Lord Jesus Christ was very plain in all His teachings, especially in the spiritual and moral areas of life. He spoke frankly and finally about marriage and its responsibilities. The world we live in doesn't think so, but there are some absolutes. God's principles and precepts are absolute. In spite of the growing spirit of carelessness, disregard and even rebellion concerning the commands of Christ, they still and forever will stand. This sense of carelessness, because it is so much a part of our world, has overflowed into the church. Christians find creative ways of justifying and rationalizing decisions and lifestyles. Some think they are free to go in and out of marriage as though it were no more than an arrangement of convenience. It is said "I don't love him/her anymore" or "he/she has changed" or some other equally thoughtless remark....Keep Reading