"...he being dead yet speaketh." Hebrews 11:4 (KJV)

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During my first mission trip, the Lord greatly changed my perception of the mission field. About the third day there, seeing the squalor and poverty of those people, I remember sitting down during the lunch break and praying "Lord these people need You so much." Whether it came from the Lord or not I was gently reminded, "So do those with fine houses, cars, good jobs, and back accounts." Sometimes, I need to be reminded that the people I see every day need the Lord. If I truly believe John 14:6, then everything seems rather insignificant in comparison. The Lord used that trip to give me a burden and to show me the "field" was not some remote place disconnected from my everyday life, but individuals, who if not reached would go into eternity without Christ. Because of mission trips, the Lord has not only increased my burden for lost people in a foreign land, but here at home also. My view of the mission field changed from lost masses worldwide to individuals that I placed on my prayer list.

My view of missions has changed too. A mission may in- dude a school, hospital, certainly a church, a radio station and more, all with the intent of providing for spiritual and, in some cases, the physical needs of people. Mission trips have made me more supportive of missions, as well as, more considerate of other's hurts and needs. The trips have shown me the impact our church's support has on the lives of real people in need; in need of material things and more importantly, the Gospel. These trips have also shown me how caring, compassionate, supportive, and mission-minded Wake Chapel Church is. May our tribe increase.

So, as our team leaves March 13th, backed by your prayers and support, we will not just lay block and mix concrete. We (Wake Chapel Church) will actually be used by God to change eternity by providing a school for children who do not even know their own names much less the precious name of Jesus. When I think of this, I am overwhelmed by the way our loving and merciful God blesses us by using our church to reach those in great need.

Mark Poindexter
05/03/56 – 03/18/14

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