"Our Nation and Our Homes"

July 1, 2013 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

Pastors pen GFrancis Jane (Fanny} Crosby authored many of our favorite hymns. Though blind, almost from birth she had the keen ability to see and discern life's most important issues. Her words are worth repeating as we celebrate this July 4th. I hope you will read them thoughtfully.

"I believe that no nation can rise above the level of its home life. In reading the spirit of the age I am somewhat afraid that we are breaking certain ties and permitting certain fires in the home life to die out which is a menace to our nation life. Fine furniture, buildings and books alone never make a real permanent home. There must be a communion of souls. My home life was such that my days were guarded wheresoever I was. I was taught love, loyalty and reverence for my nation and all things good and true. I know it sounds fine to shout for the flag as the standard of our country, but to stand firmly by it in the time of danger is wiser."

"For many years I have watched the trend of the people, and I really do think that the home ties do not bind as strongly as in my girlhood. Many attractions that were quite unknown in my early days are found in every city today. Clubs and society take up so much of a mother's spare time nowadays that there seems scarcely a moment in which to do the work that ought to be done in the home. It may appear a little old-fogeyish but I have firm convictions on this very vital question."

"It is essential that both in home and state we should know the law of cause and effect. To turn a boat loose on yonder sound to the mercy of wind and tide would, we know, result in a ruined craft. And just as a boat needs a guiding hand, so the nation and the home needs some one at the helm or the winds and waves of the world will work havoc and disaster."

“A few nights ago I sat thinking over a better nation through a better home. The better the soil the richer the crop. The stronger the home the safer the state. If this home nation is to endure it must be peaceful. Peace and harmony are the prominent, polished pillars of every home and nation. Discord has blighted more firesides and crushed more nations than any other internal foe. The price of peace must be paid, or the solid marble pillar will crumble. Prosperity is the goodly child peace."

"When I was a child this book (The Bible) had a practical place in both home and nation. During these many years my love for the Holy Bible has not waned. Its truth was not only born with me; it was bred into my life. My mother and grandmother took pains that I knew the Bible better than any other book. All that I am and all that I ever expect to be in literature or life is due to the Bible."

"No Christian nation can be great which ignores the Sacred Book. Homes cannot exist long as permanent places in uplifting the nation if heads of the families are prayerless. The people of the United States must know if the home fails, the Church is shorn of its strength, the community crumbles, the State is unstable, the nation doomed. Nothing of education or culture or breeding can take the place of Christ in the home-of Jesus in the heart. His presence along can prevent selfishness having dominion; and where selfishness is true happiness can never be found. But with the influence of the Master dominant, all is well."

I believe God will bless America through our churches and our homes. Both institutions need to be strengthened today. Let me urge you to be part of the solution not part of the problem.

Grateful to be a Christian and an American.


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