“You of little faith”

September 19, 2018 | 0 comments

waves_16756ac_300Change, the unknown, sickness, regret, hardships, disasters, and the future all can bring about fear. What are the storms in your life today?

When calamity seems to be rapidly approaching us, or even surrounding us, we quickly and eagerly drop to our knees in prayer. We helplessly seek God’s res-cue, and rightly so. God expects His children to be confident in Him so much that we become the reliable ones amidst any crisis.

However, the posture of our prayer is important. We should respond to God in absolute trust and surrender rather than falling back to childish panic prayers. We show our immaturity when we are so overwhelmed by the size of the crisis that we lose our confidence in God. In this we focused on the waves that threaten to capsize our boat, when in fact God’s purpose in the waves is to direct our focus on Him!

“You of little faith.” Ouch. None of us would want to hear Jesus say that to us. Instead, let us bring joy to the heart of our savior Jesus Christ when we keep absolute trust in him no matter what lies ahead. Prepare for that moment now by allowing the Holy Spirit’s sanctification process into all areas of your life. Keep learning to worship Him. Keep delighting in His love. Keep asking for ways to serve and sacrifice. Keep practicing the presence of God.

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