A Refreshing Breeze

June 13, 2017 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

Pastor_pen5Though summer isn't really completely her yet, we have already had a few days when we looked for a refreshing breeze.

Some people are like that. They are a cool refreshing breeze. "Picturesquely the Apostle Paul said of a dear friend '...he often refreshed me.'" (Read 2 Timothy 1:6-18) Our English word "refreshed" comes from an old Greek word which meant "to cool again." Paul's friend, Onesiphorus, was literally a breath of fresh air to Paul. He was like that coo, refreshing breeze on a hot day.

We do not have a great of information about Onesiphorus. He may be remembered primarily as one of those Bible characters whose names we can't pronounce. I smile when I think of his mother opening the back door of their house and calling him to come to supper If my name were Onesiphorus, I think I'd be home early for supper just so mother wouldn't shout my name to be heard all over the neighborhood.

And yet, this man's deed has been recorded in the Bible and read about by untold millions. What an epitaph! What a way to be remembered.

If the Apostle Paul needed a cooling breeze of encouragement, surely there are times when we need the same thing. Think about it. As Christians we can be that much needed cool, invigorating breeze to those we see every day.

May we be willing to be used of the Lord that way and may God make it happen!

May the household of Onesiphorus increase!



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