Demon Possession

May 7, 2018 | by: Dan Peters | 0 comments

pastorpen3In Luke 8:26-39 we have an account of the confrontation between Jesus and a man with a “legion” of demons. Demons are angels who followed the Devil when he sinned against God. These are spirit beings who act in the world by inhabiting the bodies of humans and animals to work against God. Immorality, drugs and idolatry open the door of an unsaved person’s life to demons. This man was naked, cutting himself and living in caves where dead people were buried. Our culture’s preoccupation with nudity, cutting and skulls is obvious. When Jesus came to the country of the Gaderenes, He was confronted with a man who screamed at Him. This man was incredibly strong and had broken every restraint put on him. He had an “unclean spirit”. He was violent and dirty in mind and body.

What is the origin of all this pornography and violence in our entertainment today? It is demonic. What did this poor man need? He needed Jesus. Only Jesus can cast out the demons and give a person the spirit of a healthy mind.

I remember dealing with a young lady who said that a man talked to her from her mirror. When she admitted that she was guilty sinner and believed in Jesus He not only saved her but she no longer saw the face of a man in her mirror talking to her.

Many people hear voices in their heads telling them terrible things about themselves and others. They are told to do wicked and violent crimes.

When the demons came out they went into a herd of pigs and drowned them in the sea. The Devil and his demons will try to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came that you may have life and self-control by His Holy Spirit. When this man believed in Jesus, he was clothed and in his right mind, sitting and learning from Jesus. He wanted to be with Jesus and His followers. He was given the happy job of telling his friends and family what Jesus had done for him.

Is Jesus in your life? Have you believed in Him? He can save you and He will if you admit you are a guilty sinner and trust in Him alone for eternal life. Jesus died on the cross for your sins and rose again for you. Think about it!!

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