From Table to Cradle

December 3, 2015 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

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Pastors pen GHow quickly the calendar forces us to move from the Thanksgiving table to a cradle. Candidly, I am saddened with the passing of Thanksgiving Day. There are precious few times and seasons when the giving of thanks is foremost in our minds. Surely family gatherings, food and the seasonal changes surrounding Thanksgiving are both enjoyable and important. But I genuinely believe that in the hearts of many people, especially Christian folks, that around November 26th there are real and significant thoughts that lend to the giving of thanks. That spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving is always accompanied by joy, a positive outlook, a feeling of wholeness and a godlike view of our lives here and hereafter. Thanksgiving,..what a treasured time.

So too the Advent Season. He who is the light of the world was born and placed in a cradle. Without His birth this world would indeed be godforsaken and blighted in terms too horrible to contemplate. But He was born and no matter how many suns or stars or the candlepower of artificial lighting ...He is the light of the world! To me, that is one reason I find the lights of the Christmas season to be so attractive and meaningful. They are reminders of the true light of the world.

Enjoy the holidays, the gift giving, the “comfort" foods and all the accouterments of this wonderful Advent season. And together let's pray that God would give us more than just holidays...That He would give us holy days, days of gladness and joy in the Savior who came the first time to redeem us and who is coming again to take us to the Father's house.

What a delight to say it and know it is true. ..See you at the house!

Merry Christmas!


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