June 9, 2013 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

pastorpen3Statistics tell us that more people are married in June than in any other month. So, we extend hearty congratulations to those who celebrate anniversaries this month.

As we see so many June weddings and lovely brides, why not allow this to serve as a wonderful reminder to all of us who are married - of the vows we have taken. Do you recall the promises of your wedding day? If not the exact wording, most of us gave our consent when asked something like this:

"...In taking the man (woman) you hold by the right hand to be your lawful and wedded husband (wife), before God and these witnesses present, you must promise to love him (her) and to honor and cherish him (her) in this relationship and leaving all others, cleave only unto him (her), and to be to him (her) a true and faithful husband (wife) so long as you both shall live. Do you so promise?"

two_become_one.JPGThis is a great and wonderful promise and yet it can only be achieved by God's grace. Marriage is a unique, God ordained, one-flesh relationship. And according to the Bible, it is supposed to be a life long union, broken only by death. Happy, life long marriages don't just happen -they require work. With God's help, our homes can be places where love for the Savior and for our mates reigns supreme. Why not meditate on your vows and read Ephesians 5:22-23 together. It will help make your home a little bit of heaven on earth. Marriage is wonderful…happy marriages are even more wonderful.



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