Is it Possible?

September 22, 2013 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

pastorpen3Can it be? Is the sun setting on another summer? But we are not ready just yet, are we? The calendar, however, informs us that Fall has begun. But let's look at the other indicators. The schools have opened in Wake County .The swimming pools have closed. Most of our vacations are only a memory .So it seems that, in fact, summer is almost gone.

Though I love summertime, there is always in my heart a zest for a new season. Fall is perhaps my favorite! The activities around our church come out of neutral and get into high gear. Our children and young people, our music, the JOY ministry, folks who have been away get back into Sunday School and church.

Please pray and join with us as we anticipate another season of God's goodness.

The Father up above is forgiving;

The Savior beside Him is interceding;

The Spirit within you is comforting;

The Deacon elected by you is serving;

The Staff who loves you is ministering;

And I am thankful to be your Pastor .

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