Lesson Learned

August 6, 2018 | by: Seth Carter | 0 comments

pastor1One day Leslie noticed I was stressing out from responsibilities at home and work, so she graciously gave me a free pass and said, "I have everything covered here. Why don't you go somewhere by yourself, take your Bible and just take a break?" She was so wise. I needed that. I went to Bass Lake, sat down on the dock and began reading 1 Timothy.

The above verse stood out to me so much and gave me guidance in how I minister to youth. It offered a healthy criterion of how I evaluate myself as an ambassador of Christ. First of all, ministry all revolves around love. Everything I do should be purposed in love.

First, that love should come from a 'pure heart,' not one that is self-centered. Next, I should evaluate my own desires, habits, and speech. How can I with a 'good conscience' tell someone else to be charitable, pray for your enemies, and seek purity when I have no desire to do those things myself? Finally, my faith must be 'sincere' and not contingent upon my own opinions, the cultural shift, or my personal well-being.
After I had spent about an hour on the dock reading and praying I closed my Bible, took a long deep breath and grinned from ear to ear. I was happy because I had been with my comforting Father, and He had met my needs through my loving wife. To calm me down, and to give me joy and discernment, He had to get me out of my day to day routine. My wife had to make a sacrifice. And I had to be remove the distractions that were blocking my receptiveness to God.

Lesson learned.

Thank you God. Thank you Leslie.


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