Rx for Saints

September 1, 2013 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

From the Pastor

Have you ever noticed how many people are on some kind of medication? If it isn't a prescription drug then some over-the- counter nostrum. Some work, some don't. Often the doctors are not sure which is which.

Prescriptions of another nature are often necessary for spiritual good health. Our Lord was the attending physician who suggested the following medication for all saints.

  1. "Poor in Spirit" -an attitude of dependency where you admit that you can't go it alone.
  2. "Mourning" -an attitude of heartfelt concern for personal godliness.
  3. "Meekness"- an attitude of gentleness, maintaining patience despite ill-treatment.
  4. "Desire for Righteousness" -a Christ like discontent for everything unlike God.
  5. "Merciful" -an awareness of others and their needs and a desire to relieve them.
  6. "Pure in Heart" -an undivided loyalty to Christ.
  7. "Peacemaker" -an attitude that promotes harmony and peace among others.

This prescription works! It creates and is an indicator of good spiritual health. And there are no negative side effects!

Want to be healthy? Take the medication faithfully!



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