Sinners and Worse Sinners?

October 21, 2012 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

John 8:1-11

I am not certain my title is accurate theologically. Sin is sin in God's sight. He makes no distinction, for example, between little white lies and big black ones. Sin is sin.

Yet Jesus reserved His most stern condemnation for the Pharisees. These were people who were correct in some areas of their faith and practice. They were better acquainted with the Old Testament than any other group. And they were zealous.

But they were proud. And they took enormous delight in finding fault in other people. And once finding fault, they always called for the maximum penalty under the law. In our text this morning (John 8:1-11), we see the Pharisees calling for the death penalty.

Jesus never condoned sin. He didn't condone the sin of the woman in our text. But neither did He condone or have time for the sanctimonious, fault-finding Pharisees. When the story of John 8:1-11 is over, the woman taken in adultery went away forgiven while the Pharisees went away still in their sin.

Wouldn’t it be great if Christians learned to be more careful about the beam in their own eye rather than emulating the Pharisees and looking for faults in others?

Let's make a covenant with the Lord – that by His grace we will focus more on the needs in our own spiritual lives and less on what we perceive to be the faults and needs in others’ lives. Let's really make an effort to press on to Christian maturity.

Let's press on the upward way – together!


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